Scumgrief: the band

On the night of October 12, 2002, I went to see Scumgrief perform at Zanies Too. Before their show I was able to sit down and talk to all five of them. Jason vocals, Gabe on the drums, with Trinity and Joe on guitar, and last but not least, Brett on bass guitar.

Originally formed in November of 2000, the band has picked up new members in March 2001, April 2001, and June 2002 to complete the band as it is now. I asked them how they got the name, Scumgrief, and was told it came from a Fear Factory song, one of Jasonís favorite groups. And Trinity said it best when he said that it took a while to get the Scumgrief sound. I do believe they have it!

Wow! Great performers, that was my first thought while I watched them perform. And their music, melodic groove driven metal, is fantastic. I am no headbanger but I caught myself bopping my head to the music most of the time. If Gabe could have gotten up like the rest of the band he would have been all over the stage. But as the drummer he was constrained to the drums. Constrained might be incorrect for in watching him play there was anything but restraint. I wondered how he could keep the perfect beat while swinging his long hair around like any rocker but he managed it quite well and I didnít here one misplaced stick the whole time.

Joe and Trinity on guitars were amazing. They had a set rhythm to their dual guitar play and still maintained a great show by jumping up on cue in unison. It was something to see them come back down without missing a strum on the strings. The band all insisted that Trinity is a musical genius. He is the main music writer and the things he comes up with always surprise them. Joe was a fan for a very long time and jumped at the chance to play with them when the opening came up.

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Brett was fantastic on his bass guitar and surprisingly has a great singing voice. He sung back up on some of the songs. He has a strong presence and a very intense performance. His style, while calm compared to the others, complements and gives the band a strong presentation.

Jason has a clear strong voice that delivers the lyrics out to the enraptured crowd. With long hair swinging around he looks the epitome of the heavy metal lead singer. He carries himself all over the stage playing up to each member who in turn joins him to create a great show. He also handles the business end of the band.

They are also heavily involved in the local music scene. They are contantly helping where they can and who ever they can. As people they are an asset to the community and as a band they are very good for the music landscape.

They have great stage presence and put on a powerful show. The music is original and intense with each member clearly playing with every ounce of soul. As a group they have a dedicated unity to the band and to each other that shows in their performance on and off stage. They are dedicated to make Scumgrief great and it shows. You have to see them live to believe in the Scumgrief magic.



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