Unique Holiday Gifts From Upstate New York

In November and December of each year the Orchard View Country Market makes a variety or custom, foam liner shipping boxes filled with your choice of goodies at a variety of costs starting around $15 including shipping. You can get boxes filled with New York State apples fresh from the October harvests (there are a lot of native apples not found in other parts of the country, such as Cortland, Ginger Gold or 20#). There are also native New York state honey or Maple candies and syrup products.

On the more expensive side you can also buy wooden wheel barrows, chairs, swings, windmills and lighthouses for your lawn and garden areas. Many of these products are made by the Amish in Pennsylvania.

If you come into the area you will also find their homemade pies and at times homegrown vegetables (such as Brussels sprouts still on the stalk). Plus they also made a delicious ice cream concoction with natural fruit juices custom made by or for Orchard mixed with ice cream and served up in an extra large cone.

In the fall they have a Haunted House for Halloween plus a big variety of great pumpkins.

You’ll also find a lot of high quality or custom jellies, preserves, cheese, juices, salsa and hot sauces.

While they do have a web site (orchardview.com) you can’t order these items on-line. You can do it by mail or give them a call for their current specialty items, price and shipping charges which vary based on your location.

They can take Visa and Mastercard for some purchases! They close on Christmas day and don't reopen until May of the following year.

Orchard View Country Market
10006 Ridge Road
North Rose NY 14516


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