Over The Hedge

DreamWorks Pictures

A star-studded, award winning cast of voice actors highlights this fast and funny animation film.

Bruce Willis heads the troupe as R.J. a raccoon out looking for the fastest, easiest to obtain fast food he can find or steal, like the boatload in found in the cave of Nick Nolte’s bear character!

For losing the bear’s spring feast R.J. has one week to make amends or face the wrath of the grizzly, thus he teams up with a really odd family!

A possum (William Shatner, overacting in excellent form) and his daughter (Avril Lavigne), a supersonic squirrel named Hammy (Steve Carrell), a skunk (Wanda Sykes) the Porcupine family and their fearless amphibian (that’s reptilian!) leader Garry Shandling as Verne the turtle.

R.J. convinces them to gather up food for the winter (even though it will be for the bear’s winter) by invading the new up cropping of suburbia that has been built just over the hedge.

You have not lived until you get R.J.’s take on humans and food!

The invasion of suburbia, however, doesn’t go unnoticed as the fearless President of the Homeowners Association, Gladys Sharp (Allison Janey) calls in the marines in the form of Dwayne the verminator. But the forest foragers strike back with mission impossible in an attempt to gain entry to the food storage area via the woman’s pet cat (Omid Dajalili).

This is an animated film that virtually anyone from small kids, to teens, to adults can have a great hoot with!


The latest (and probably last) entry from Tom Cruise as IMF agent Ethan Hunt is a bit confusing and at times confounding, but is nevertheless entertaining and good.

It starts near the end, which is a screen gimmick I’ve never been fond of and then it jumps into Hunt’s personal life, which runs more like “Jerry Maguire” than “Mission Impossible.”

In the first installment it was solo Hunt against the Bad Guys via the CIA and he put his own rag-tag team together. In the second installment he had a boss or handler in the form of Anthony Hopkins. Now, the IMF is hidden behind a Department of Transportation front with a full scale group of suits, lead by Lawrence Fishburn and Hunt has a new boss who’s almost is own age and Ving Rhames, who, like Cruise, has been in all 3 MI’s is now working for this operation on a fulltime basis.

Hunt is about to get married and doesn’t think his IMF work will pose any problems (I thought he was supposed to be an agent who thinks outside the box in this series) and it does, leading us into a vehicle right you can guess from the get go, as it comes out of so many TV shows it’s no longer funny.

Anyway, an evil guy (excellently played by Philip Seymour Hoffman, fresh from starring as Truman Capote) kills Hunt’s protégé and so Hunt gets his team to go rogue and kidnap the bad guy, whose first words to Hunt are: “What’s your name? Do you have a girlfriend? A wife? I will find her and hurt her and make you watch!”).

Well the bad guy escapes with inside help from an IMF traitor, which we can easily discover having seen MI1 and MI2, which are formula to a T.

You guess it, the bad guy grabs his wife and plays deal or no deal with Cruise, who quickly says: Deal!

The action is good, but most of it is re-worked from other action films like those of Jackie Chan and Keanu Reeves.

There was zero originality in this stylized, phone it in, cliché of itself series!

If you like action films you will find this satisfies your craving, but so will a rerun of Top Gun on TV!

-- ERD


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