Official Language of the United States of America

Now is the time, I say, to create our own language. We are one of the richest and strongest countries on this planet. Should we continue to use someone else's language and not have our own? I say no! Emphatically no!

As a proud and loyal citizen of the United States of America, it saddens me to know that our great country does not have an official language. It hurts to hear people say that our country does not have its own native tongue. We are one of the strongest countries on this planet and yet we do not have a voice to identify as our own.

We use English, or what sometimes is accepted as English, depending on what part of the country you are referring to at the time. Our founders and forefathers were English speaking and originated from England. But that was then!

We are over 200 years old now and have proven ourselves over and over again. This wonderful country is a country to reckon with and we are very strong. We are entitled to have our own language. It is our right!

My suggestion does not call for any major changes. No one will have to go to school or be retrained and all our citizens and the others who come to our shores need not worry either. The language they are struggling to learn will change in name only.

I propose that since our language began with English it should remain very similar to what we use now. The only change I think we need to worry about is the name of the language. Why couldn't we use the same one we use now but call it something unique and only ours? With all the colorful languages that we have acquired with our transplanted people, they need not worry about losing their native tongues either. After all, immigrants built our country and the color and music that have become ours through their landing on our soil, makes us much more than we were at the beginning. Those languages must remain intact.

And our original native peoples should retain their spoken words also. They should train and educate their young to continue the traditions that they have long retained. The North American Indian is one of our richest sources of lore and knowledge.

The language I am putting forth for your inspection is not far from the one we use now yet it is unique. I suggest Merican. I feel strongly that if we had a language to call our own it would make us even stronger than we are now. As a young country, compared to some of the others, we would be setting a precedent. Other countries would look at us and marvel more than they do now.

If you feel as strongly as I, then sign the enclosed petition, Official Language Petition, and we will let our leaders know that as a people we are united. As loyal Americans, we should stand united and tell our leaders what we want. No, we should demand it. We the people, for the people, by the people will have what is our due. We will have our own language!

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