CD-R Cover Creator

If you have a CD burner chances are you have a slew of disks with no clue as to what’s on them! This software reads the contents of the disk and prints the contents (directories or filenames) within a frame the size of the standard CD case (it will also fit the pockets of many soft disk carry pouches).

You can download a sample version of this program (it only prints one style of indexing format instead of 20 found on the full version) for free from a variety of sources including ZD Net, C-Net,, Simtel, Dowlinx and many other popular sites on the internet.

This same software will also let you create customer covers for music CDs or software packages with no graphics or layout experience required. You can put a photo on the cover, plus two small logo graphics, add a copyright notice automatically (you need to fill in your own name) and list song titles or features in a variety of text sizes, colors and font faces. It prints custom front covers or back covers for standard CD jewel box cases.

Once again, the free trial version only saves a custom cover by a single name. To save under custom names you must upgrade to the fully paid version (which is only $15 US).

Indexing your CD (or hard drive) is very easy. You simply select a drive letter from the drop down list box at the lower left of the program form and then press the REFRESH button to the right of the list box. On the free version you see directories (file folders) in the far left column and file names in the two columns to the right. To print this out simply select the print button. The page pops out with an outline for you to clip using scissors. Turn the page over and print another cover on the bottom half.

Above photo of singer Clarissa J Rawkis used with permission.

Creating a custom cover is a little more complex. You have two headline text boxes to use for primary CD title and artist name. There is a separate form with text areas for features or song titles, plus production credits. To post a copyright notice simply click on a check mark and the copyright is placed at the bottom (with an option for the sound recording circle P mark). All you need do is type in a name. The current year is posted (you can manually change that). You can search your drive for Windows BMP or JPG pictures and adjust the size in pixels by simply entering a value. Names are automatically centered unless you want to move them about by specifying a position in pixels. You can frame the cover with the click of a button. Add a line at top or bottom.

The software automatically prompts you to save your work (you can defeat this prompt with the click of a check box) which is nice when you forget to save a project after spending time framing everything just perfect!


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