Early in the morning of August third, the M. P. I. A. ( Mount Perry Intelligence Agency) received an urgent request for help from the Mount Perry Police Department. It seems they were quite anxious to apprehend and question Prof. Nas T. Noogle, about an incident, which allegedly happened over the weekend.

According to an unidentified source, deep within the Mount Perry Police Dept. A note had been received by the management of the Governors Round Mall, from a person who signed the note with the initials "N. T. N. From its secret archives, the M. P. I. A. was able to inform us, N. T. N. is the initials of the archfiend Prof. Nas T. Noogle.

This person demanded to be admitted to the mall free of charge. The management of the mall was confused by the demand because there is no charge to enter the mall. There was also no way to respond to the note because there was no return address on it.

According to the note, if the free passes were not received by three o'clock on Friday a daring, daylight prank would be perpetrated against the mall.

In the interest of public safety the Mall Management put on extra security personnel, and as an added precaution engaged the services of an elite security squad called, "NOOGLE BUSTERS INC." Unfortunately, when dealing with an archfiend like the Prof. even the best of precautions would prove to be inadequate.

Shortly before two o'clock on Aug. 1, four masked and cloaked figures were seen entering the lower level of the mall. They seemed to be apparently carrying large quantities of, "MONSTER SUDS", the new super foaming dish washing detergent under their purple cloaks.

Blending in with the crowds of shoppers they were not noticed again until exactly three o'clock when they were observed pouring the liquid detergent into the four fountains on the lower level of the mall.

There was instant panic as a towering wall of suds moved outward in all directions from all four fountains at once. The largest and most spectacular wall of suds was produced by the large fountain in the center of the mall.

The suds, moving in a wall estimated to be at least eighteen feet in height, instantly inundated the fast food establishments on the lower level. Security personnel trying to reach the switch to shut down the fountains became lost in the mounds of suds, fell into the fountains, caused more agitation and, of course, more suds.

Large quantities of suds were carried up the escalator to the second level and began to fill the second floor rapidly. Fortunately the down escalator was also working and this helped to minimize the suds problem on the second level.

People, panicked by the sudden appearance of the suds were running back and forth in the lower level and this helped to spread the suds evenly through out that area. Quick thinking shop owners were able to close their doors before the suds reached their shops but people like Maats Brothers, J.T. Penney's and Shears were not able to react in time. The walls of suds moved into their stores and began traveling up their escalators.

Soon the lower level of the mall was filled to capacity with thick dish washing detergent suds. With the doors to the lower parking lots closed, the suds had no place to go but up.

Rising like a huge loaf of bread dough with too much yeast in it, the entire upper level was quickly filled with suds also. Shop owners on the upper level were able to close their doors in time to avert disaster. However, the three major stores now being inundated, from both the inside and the outside, had to be evacuated post haste through their exit doors to the parking lot.

Someone came up with the idea of cutting the power off from the outside of the building by tripping the main switch but this could not be done because of all the shoppers still inside the mall.

By three thirty the suds had filled the entire mall and had pushed up through the sky light in the center of the building. The suds soon flooded the roof and began to run down the outside walls.

It wasn't long thereafter; the suds began to cover the air conditioning cooling towers. As the fans in these towers turned they sheared off huge pillows of suds and fired them up into the air over the mall. It was a comparatively calm day so the cloud of suds just hung there over the mall supported by the hot air inside the bubbles like some huge hot air balloon.

Gradually the suds filled the area around the mall and began to move out into the parking lots. This made it impossible for motorists to move their cars and in some cases even find them. A general evacuation of the surrounding area was initiated.

At this point in the time the suds are still spreading and all of down town Mount Perry is threatened. The police have an all points bulletin out for the arrest of Prof. Nas T. Noogle and his henchmen dead or alive. The use of excessive violence has been approved in his apprehension.

It is felt, by experts in the field, that it would probably be better if the police get to the Prof. before the people from the mall find him.

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