Bah Humbug (Again)

Bah humbug I say. Who needs Christmas? It is only another way that people are exploited with advertisements and merchandise. Taking advantage of young innocent greedy children is not only unfair there should be a law against it.

Christmas is meant for sharing with family their love and company and to share their triumphs and their losses. Yet most families barely talk to each other and only get together on this special day to get, get, get and because it is expected.

The Christians claim Christmas is to celebrate Jesus Christ's birth but most studies have hinted that he was probably born in September. It only started because they wanted all the old religions, which celebrate this time of year for other reasons, subjugated and wiped out. Most of the Christian religious days can be traced back to older religion religious days. If Christians actually followed the way their Jesus taught then they would be religious tolerant. But most are not and they will try to convert all they meet. Just another example of Christianity trying to take over to convert all to one religion.

Why have a special day just to get together and open presents and eat food? Why must there be a special day just for that when all year long would be a good thing? All year long of love and hope would not be wrong. Why wait only once a year?

I say cancel the wasted day and pick any day for a true get together. Donít lie to yourselves any longer. Donít lie to your children. Jesus was a great man and doesnít deserve the lies you lay down in his name.

The spirit, in a perfect world, of Christmas should be celebrated all year round and not for advertising purposes. Celebrate with loved ones with out the costly presents. Celebrate life, not money!

Bah to Christmas I say! Bah humbug!

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