Menstrual Monday and Women's Health

In the early months of 2000, Geneva Kachman, along with several female friends, began developing a holiday for the celebration of menstruation. Menstrual Monday, as it has been appropriately named, falls on the Monday before Mother's Day, as menstruation comes before motherhood. This year, Menstrual Monday will fall on May 7th. The first Menstrual Monday was celebrated all over the world on May 8, 2000. It was designed to honor all women who have and/or will share the unifying experience of menstruation. However, this is not just a once-a-year holiday, but a concerted effort to improve awareness regarding women's health issues.

What we as women face in our day-to-day struggles affects us not only mentally, but physically. The stress of living in a society that forces us to fight in the trenches just for a whiff of the pie everyone wants a piece of builds up inside us. This causes increased blood pressure, depression, mysterious illnesses (eg. chronic fatigue syndrome), sleep disturbances (why is it always a woman in those Unisom commercials?), and over-eating. Some of us even smoke cigarettes and drink coffee and/or alcohol (however secretly) just to get through the day. Needless to say, the stress of balancing work with family responsibilities, as well as coping with oppression, has negative physiological effects. Menstrual Monday is a vehicle through which to deflect the negative vibes that bombard us everyday, affect our ability to heal, and cause our bodies to turn on themselves.

The founders of Menstrual Monday developed a 'starter kit' which includes fun things to use in celebration. This year, there is a Message from the Ovum Office (on Womb House stationary). A few of the other items in the kit are, Menstrual Drop and Splash; Power Egg; PMSquawker; Ovum Fan; Menstruglasses; Menstrumoney; Egg Sac; and a Neurovulation/Ovulation, uhh, let's use the technical term "thingie", to hang from the rearview mirror. Also included in the Menstrual Monday Starter Kit is a 'Meditation and Visualization' written by Molly Strange, co-creator of the Menstrual Monday Starter Kit. It contains a method whereby women use positive energy, visualization, and breathing exercises to initiate self healing. It is a way to release negative energy from the body and focus empowering vibes on our reproductive organs. Menstrual Monday is not only about menstruation itself, but about overall reproductive health, healing, and consciousness.

Let the good times flow!

Get your Menstrual Monday Kit now, by visiting the Official Menstrual Monday Website.

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