A free statistics service for your web site with the option to get extra for a small monthly fee.

While a lot of sites today come with some stat programs included, they are often far to hard to deal with and take up a lot of room on your site that you could be using for your own files! The nice thing about and outside service is they keep all the files on their site you don’t have the overhead. Also, they’re an independent third party so the statistics you quote to others come for a source that’s not “in house!”

Webstat also gives you the option to keep track of multiple sites from the same control panel.

The General Summary gives you Page View, New Visitors, Return Visitors and Total Visitors for today, yesterday and the last week, plus daily average, the current month totals and totals for the previous month.

You can also get a calendar survey with a bar graph that shows each day of the month and lets you see if a pattern of hits is present, such as in the one above where it is obvious that weekends are the low point and weekdays are stronger. The totals for each day and date of the month are also shown.

Traffic patterns for the site over the history of your time with Webstat are shown both graphically (and in several formats including plot, bar and pie) and by month and year in text format with a percentage of value for each month. Here is where the free version gets weak. You are limited to a maximum of 20,000 hits in any given month as a ceiling. After that the stats are turned off until the next month or unless you pay for their premium services.

You can also get traffic patterns by visitors in the same manner, with the same limitations.

The Page Navigation option also shows a pie chart and text chart of the page hits to your site for a given period. By default this is by the current day of the month, but you can change this to reflect any amount of given days in the month, the whole month or even the whole history over the years you have been with Webstat. All you have to do is dial in the date, month and year to get a listing. Page navigation listings don’t quite match the General Summary as the list of pages getting only 1 hit is limited by their methods of computation.

Visitor Profile shows the IP number for the most recent visitors, usually about an hour or two back.

Marketing lets you see what Search Engines were used to send a visitor to your site and what Keywords they might have used to find the page they landed on. This can be quite useful in designing pages and placing banner ads because you can see what some of your visitors are looking for. It can also help you be creative with future content by anticipating their needs.

Demographics show you the country of origin for your visitors and gives you an idea of what percentage of visitors come from what area in the world.

You get a variety of counter options to be displayed on your site as either page totals or visitor totals or if you want you can get just the Webstat logo with no number display.

As with sites like Yahoo, you can also change the color of your statistics review site and the default methods for some charts via a control panel.

You get only 10 report options with the free basic service, while 45 come with the $9.95 a month premium service and you can track up to 30,000 hits a month and get the 45 reports for $15.95 a month.

To sign up for their free service go here: http://www.webstat.com

To learn more about their paid service go here:


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