A Walk In The Sunshine

Now that spring is here and summer is around the corner it’s time to get out and do some exercise that doesn't require a $50 a month membership and piece of equipment valued at $2,000!

I’m talking about walking! The American pastime that died out with the automobile.

Walking is great exercise. I do about 4 miles per day, 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening. It takes me about 45 to 50 minutes at a brisk pace to do each trip and sometimes I’m soaked with sweat upon arrival.

Sweating is both good and bad. It means you are working your body out and “building up a sweat” but it also means you are out of shape. You sweat mostly when you are doing work beyond your capacity and a simple 2 mile walk should be within everyone’s grasp! For me, however, I’m still building up a sweat.

Bicycling is another good way to exercise cheaply and save money. Instead of pulling the car out to go down the block to the store, walk or take a bike ride! You’ll save almost a dollar in gas, oil, wear and tear on your car each trip and you’ll burn off calories.

I used to bike 6 miles twice a week up and down hills. My first time out I had to get off the bike and push it up hill. Just didn’t have the strength to pedal. After one or two days of doing this I could start off at point A and drive straight to point B without stopping, taking a drink of water or losing my balance, although I will admit up some of those step country hills I was down to about 5 miles per hour near the top, however once over the hump it was wonderful going down the other side at over 40 miles per hour and without having to pedal!

My whole system got tuned up during those bike rides and a month after I stopped I was back exactly where I started. Unable to go more than a few hundred feet before I had to get off, take a drink and push the bike along for many feet up a grade. So this is something to you to do regularly to stay in peak form!.

I burn about 100 – 200 calories on my walks and with the long 6 mile bike ride I was easily doing 300 – 400 calories. It’s good aerobic exercise for the entire cardio-vascular system and it works out the lower body.

I’m told it’s now fashionable for many seniors to “walk the mall” during the spring and summer to get their exercise. They’ve probably learned (anew) what teens have know for ages! Going on foot at the mall is an adventure (while being heart healthy)!

The most amazing thing I've seen is that people actually pay to use a "walking machine" at the local gym, when the "real thing" is available free to anyone and with very little effort you can even find a pathway up an incline to help make that ticker of yours even stronger -- just like the Doctor wants it to be!

So, now that the weather’s nice why not take a walk around the block. See who lives in your neighborhood. Walk a few blocks. Walk to the store. If you have access to a bike, do that in addition to walking and you’ll keep in great shape and do as much workout as many do at the gym, but without that $50 to $100 per month price tag!


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