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Bush Signs Spy Bill
President Bush, today, signed into law or executive order 70 of the 74 recomendations made by the review board over the "spy" and "security" and "counter-terrorism" issues. This will re-vamp the CIA, FBI, NSA and other agencies.

Jennifer Tilly Wins Grand Poker Event
Actor Jennifer Tilly (Academy Nominee for "Bullets Over Broadway" in 1994) beat out 600 others to become a bonified Poker Champ in Las Vegas. Oh, yeah, and lots of people got killed in Iraq today, but we like to cover news our own way and we think Tilly's win was far more newsworthy and unique...

Canada Approves Gay Marriages
By a vote in Parliament of 158 to 133, Canadian lawmakers approved a Gay Marriage law.

Canadian Prime Minster, Paul Martin', a Catholic, said of this landmark law: ``We are a nation of minorities, and in a nation of minorities, it is important that you don't cherry-pick rights.''

Belgium and The Netherlands are the only other countries with similar rights for gay people.

Paul Winchell Dies
Ventriloquist, voice over actor, photographer and inventor dead at 82 in Los Angeles.

Best known as straightman for Jerry Mahoney and Knucklehead Smiff, Paul Winchell's voice has been a fixture in the world of animation for both feature films, television and commercials (he was the scrubby bubbles voice, and the voice of the tiger in Disney's Winnie the Pooh series, among other character voices). He was also an avid photographer who bought camera equipment from one of our staff members at both retail and wholesale outlets, plus Winchell also hold a patent for an artificial heart he invented.

Conservative Becomes Iranian President
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Mayor of Tehran and a strong conservative, has won the run-off election by better than 60%.

Yahoo Closes Chat Rooms
In a response to advertising pressure, public groups and private lawsuits, Yahoo has closed down all privately created "Chat Rooms" and has blocked the ability to create new ones. This was due to the use of some such rooms by adults for child pornography and luring teenagers into sexual relations.

It should be noted that Issues Magazine was largely created with conferences between editors in private "chat rooms" created with Yahoo IM. Under the new operating rules this would not be possible.

Senate Republican See Greenhouse Problems
Pete Domenici of New Mexico, chairman of the Senate Energy Committee and a Republican, has taken a view contrary to the Bush Administration in that he favors more efforts to cut greenhouse gases in the future and sees the scientific views on this issue as important or valid.

California Rock 'n' Roll
Since Sunday a series of Earthquakes have hit both Southern and Northern California, with a 7.0 off the coast and close to 5.0 inland in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties near Los Angeles. No major damage has occured, but residents are all shook up from San Diego to San Francisco!

Michael Jackson Not Guilty
The "King of Pop" was found not guilty on all 10 charges brought against him after the jury deliberated for about a week. The trial which lasted 4 months, had a 140 witnesses and 600 pieces of evidence probably cost the tax payers a good chunk of change, but it didn't convince the 12 men and women of the jury.

The U.S. Senate Apologizes Over Lynchings
Lynching were a way of life in much of the South between 1860 and 1960 and all attempts to ban this form of execution, be it legally or semi-legally used, always died in the U.S. Senate. Today they voted to apologize to the victims and families of those people, mostly blacks living in the South, over the long delays in enacting laws against this process.

Anne Bancroft Dead At 73
The actor best know for her role as Mrs. Robinson in "The Graduate" died today from cancer. She is married to writer-director-comic Mel Brooks. He list of accomplishments includes Tony Awards for stage acting ("Two for the Seasaw" and "The Miracle Worker") and a motion picture Oscar for "The Miracle Worker." She also received other Oscar nomations, including one in 1985 for "Agnes of God." She was trained at the Actor's Studio in New York.

Two Arrested In Search For Missing Girl
Two men have been arrested in connection with the disapearance of 18-year-old Natalee Holloway who was visiting Aruba as part of a high school graduation trip from Mountain Brook High School in Birmingham, Alabama.

Will the Real Deep Throat Please Stand Up!
Ever since the 1970's everyone's wanted to know who it was! The 2nd in command of the FBI, Mark Felt, has now come forward to claim the spotlight.

Deep Throat and Watergate were the prime factors in the undoing of President Nixon, who resigned over the matter, with many of his long time associates also resigning, some going to prison.

While the actual incident of Watergate wasn't much to write home about, it became a terrible mess by everyone trying to cover it up and get Government agencies to help with the cover-up operation, knowlingly or unknowningly, which was an abuse of power in government much like what Enron and the Andersen firm did in the private sector with their finances.

Andersen Conviction Overturned
The United States Supreme Court today, unaimously voted to overturn the conviction of the accounting firm of Arthur Andersen on charges that is encourged employees to shred documents about the now bankrupt Enron Corporation prior to a court order to turn over documents. At the heart of the matter was jury instructions that did not indicate that jurors had to beleive Andersen was acting wrongfully when such document destruction was encouraged. The case now goes back for further hearings.

Enron, who employed Andersen as auditors and accountants, went out of business after it was learned they hid costs, overstated assets, profits and income on paper. Enron was in the business of runing public utilities such as electric power plants and their business practices are now suspect for the high cost of electricity California customers must pay.

Six Killed In Ohio Farm House
An entire family was almost totally wiped out in a shooting incident that police are still investigating. The dead include three teenagers, one of whom is the primary suspect in the shootings of the rest. A seventh teenager, his younger sister, is alive but in critical condition with a bullet wound to the neck. She, apparently, called a friend who alerted authorities. The suspect and another teenager were to have graduated yesterday at their local high school in rural Ohio near the bigger city of Columbus.

Some Viagra Users Experience Blindness
An as yet unexplained occurance of blindness in some Vigra users has authorities and drug companies worried. Warning are being instituted and the situation is being studied. There is no direct link between the drug and the condition, but the incidences are troubling and could cause the drug (and those like it) to be pulled from the market and banned.

France and Possible Other Reject EU Constitution
With most of the vote counted France, one of the founder of the European Union (EU) had voted to reject the EU Constitution. It takes all 25 member nations approval to make the Constitution valid and other countries, including Belgium, may not get approval from voters.

In France 70% of the voters turned out and rejected the constitution by a 55 to 45% margin.

Iraq Offense Winds Down
An offensive in Baghadad and nearby territories and cities is still going on, but starting to wane and wind down some operations. The massive offensive was made by Iraq Security Forces, Police, solider and the multi-national forces spearheaded by the United States and Britain.

Eddie Albert Dead At 99
Actor Eddie Albert (father to actor Edward Albert) died today from complications of the flu. He was best remembered from the TV show "Green Acres" but was also an anti-war and environmental activist who narrated many documentary films on environmental issues.

FBI Memo Talks Of Koran Flushing
A memo released today and obtained by the ACLU under the Freedom of Information Act, gives an uncofirmed report of a guard or prisoner flushing a Koran at a toilet in Guantanamo at the detension center.

This adds some credibility to the recent Newsweek report that was later retracted.

Another U.S. Solider Convicted
Army reservist Sabrina Harman was found guity of absuses in Iraq against prisoners and faces up to almost 6 years in prison, but was only sentenced to 6 months (2 months served plus 4 month to be served).

Iraqi Governor Released
Akihiko Saito was released unharmed by insurgents after being held for several days.

Almost 50 Bodies Found In Iraq
Thus far 45 or more bodies have been found in Iraq around Baghdad, some blindfolded and shot execution style.

Mikhail Khodorkovsky Trial About To End
While the Russian oil magnate has not yet been officially found "guility," Judges in the trial have stated that he committed tax evasion and other crimes, an indication that they will find him guilty of some charges in the nearly yearl long trial, possibly later this week.

Iraqi Governor Abducted
Akihiko Saito, the governor for only a matter of days in the city of of Anbar, a region near Syria, was abducted along with his four body guards. Supporters of al Qaeda leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi are demanding the release of certain prisoners.

Possible murder-suicide in California
Six people, including three children ages 8, 10 and 14, were found shot dead in their beds inside a Southern California ranch home owned by former police officer and current investigator for the Riverside County District Attorney, who was found in his bed with a gun at his side.

Father Suspect In Slaying Of 8 Year Old Daughter
Two girls, ages 8 and 9, were found dead in a park near the small community of Zion, Illinois. They were beaten and stabbed but not assaulted. The father of one of the girls is a suspect in the incident. He was just released from a Texas prision.

Blair Wins Third Term In Britain
Prime Minister Tony Blair and his Labour Party have won the elections in England again, giving them a third term in office despite fallout from the Iraq "Weapons of Mass Destruction" and unpopularity of the Iraq military actions.

General Demoted In Iraq Abuse Scandal
Brig. Gen. Janis Karpinski was demoted to Colonel for a variety of reasons, including her part in the Iraq Prisoner Abuse scandal. Other officers have also received other disciplinary actions inlcude A colonel, four lieutenant colonels, three majors, 10 captains, four 1st lieutenants and two 2nd lieutenants. None of these other officers have been identified and the disciplinary action could be as little as a reprimand.

Five of the officers, none with a rank higher than captain, faced unspecified criminal charges, but most of the discipline was administrative punishment such as a formal letter of reprimand or a discharge from the military, the Army said.

Judge Throw Out England Guilty Plea
A military court Judge threw out the guilty plea and essentially gave a mistrial. Pfc. England will face a new inquisition and possibly a new trial at a later date. The Judge cited inconsitencies between her plea and testimony from another person involved and convicted in the case.

The Number 3 Leader in al-Qaida Captured
Abu Farraj al-Libbi was captured in Pakistan today. He is considered a very, very top ranking al-Qaida leader and key figure in this terrorist organization.

Army Pfc. Lynndie England To Plead Guilty In Iraq Abuses

The so-called "poster girl" for the Iraqi Prisoner Abuse Scandal (he was the one who posed with a prisoner on a leash) is expected to plead guilty to a variety of charges in a Courts Martial in a plea bargain that could get her no more than 11 years in prison and probably far less time. She may also face other disciplinary charges including getting a Dishonorabel Discharge after she complete her prison term.

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