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NBC-TV Wednesday 9 p.m. Eastern and Pacific Time

From executive producer Gavin Polone (“Panic Room”) and writer/creator David Seltzer (”The Omen”), comes this six-hour event series starring Bill Pullman (”Independence Day”) as Harvard professor Dr. Richard Massey, an astrophysicist whose certainty that all worldly events can be explained by Science, is challenged by a nun, Sister Josepha Montafiore (Natascha McElhone, “Solaris”), who leads him on a journey through the unfamiliar world of faith.

Drawn together by personal tragedy, these unlikely partners -- one who worships God and one who worships Science -- are propelled into a deepening mystery, finding evidence that the world, as predicted by The Book of Revelation, has reached The End of Days.

The time of miracles is once again at hand -- both Heaven sent, and sent from Hell. Satanist Isaiah Haden (Michael Massee, ”24”) has answered the calling of his “Lord” to make certain the Armies of Darkness will triumph in the apocalyptic battle to come.

Notable guest stars include John Rhys-Davies (”The Lord of The Rings”), Tobin Bell (”Saw”), Fred Durst (lead singer of the rock band “Limp Bizkit”) and Mark Rendall (”The Interrogation of Michael Crowe”).

The pilot was directed by David Semel (NBC’s “American Dreams”), the series directed by Academy Award-winning producer Lili Fini Zanuck (”Driving Miss Daisy,” “Rush”) and Leslie Linka Glatter (”Law & Order: SVU”).

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Despite the really missleading promotion pictures, hype and presentation (which is soooo glitz TV) this is an excellent series which plays more like a movie than a TV show!

Astrophysicist Dr. Richard Massey and Catholic Nun Sister Josepha Montafiore both share something in common, as we learned half way through the first episode which aired in mid-April. Both of them lost someone near and dear to them. Massey, his teenage daughter to a Satanic cult leader, Sister Josepha lost her sister in a mysterious way. Both went searching for answers and closure, Massey thought he found his when the cult leader was captured, tried and convicted, but now he's starting to learn that's just the tip of the iceberg.

A young girl who was struck twice by lightening and declared braindead is now speaking Biblical passages in Latin and drawing maps to Dr. Massey's University, which included a drawing that is an exact replica of one his dead daughter had made in earlier times. Sister Josepha is hunting down events that seem to point to "doomsday" -- the end of the world -- and this braindead girl seems to hold some clues and so does Dr. Massey, whom she tries to enlist in her quest, which is no Freudian slip. The creator is mixing Bible, fact, history, current events and even a little Don Quiote with Sister Josepha out battling wind mills and Dr. Massey's daughter drawing a picture of a donkey because she misunderstood his words when he said Don Quiote!

There's also a baby who came from the sea that is involved in this complex story, along with the "Charlie Manson" type cult leader who is now in prison and starting to make waves there.

Agnostic Scientists, Catholic Priests and Nuns, dead or almost dead young girls, a baby who survives in the seas by a miracle and the Anti-Christ in prison? Don't let my glitzy hype fool you. The show is well paced, well acted, well written, well produced and runs very credibly. This is a saga of a quest to find answers and closesure, least the world come to an end for all!

I watched this show, which I learned about last year writing our Fall TV special and expected it to be trite, especially based on the picture of the main stars and "coverage" (network one paragraph hype). I was not expecting to like Sister Josepha and ended up really getting into her intense and well thought out character.

I can't wait to see what develops and wonder IF they'll revive the series in the fall as a full fledge 24 epsidoe on-going TV show as it temporarily took the place of the critically acclaimed "West Wing" and is doing much better in the ratings than "Wing" has been for the last year...

Definately check this show out, even if you missed the first few episodes! The last time I felt this good about a show based on seeing a single episode was when I first saw CSI many years ago.
-- E.R.D.

Veronica Mars

Veronica is a high school student who does freelance PI work (following in her dad’s footsteps, he’s a professional PI and she does administrative work for him in his office), often for close friends and school chums.

Veronica is also obsessed with the death of one of her school friends, the daughter of the rich and famous (Kane Software). All the money she makes doing her “other” PI work goes back into trying to find out why her friend died and who (or if) someone killed her.

This UPN show is well cast, written, produced (Joel Silver, who is best known for producing high budget effects films like “The Matrix,” “Lethal Weapon,” “Preditor” and “Die Hard”) and directed.

Like most of the UPN and WB shows, this is centered around a high school where everyone from the rich and famous to the lowly and unwanted all share classes together, but it makes for a good mix of “different worlds.”

Taken a bit from the mold of the CBS hit series “Joan of Arcadia” (except with introspective sleuthing replacing talks with God), this is basically a very good show and worthy of a look by anyone interested in a good “who done it...”


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