Wiccan: Stone Lore

From ancient lore the carrying or the wearing of gemstones for their energy enhancing aid for job support, certain stones can add something to help your endurance levels or give extra protection.

Gems and Stones For Accountants Turquoise; aids mental relaxation Chrysocolla; calms emotional stress Red Jasper; supports physical endurance

Gems and Stones For Actors Topaz; aids energy projection for communication Red Jasper; promotes sensitivity to audiences Brazilian Agate; increase physical stamina

Gems and Stones For Airplane, and Airline Workers Dendritic Agate; offers protection to travel Fire Agate; provides a safeguard over water Malachite; protects against accidents

Gems and Stones For Archeologists and Historians Sapphire; improves awareness of higher principles Lapis Lazuli; supports intellectual analysis Shells; encourages physical and historical organization

Gems and Stones For Architects Carnelian; creates a master building Crystal; provides a sensor to light and form

Gems and Stones For Artists Moonstones; increases self love for improved self expression Agates; stabilizes the imagination and inspiration Amethyst; stimulates intuitive abilities Crystal; serves as the Universal Art Stone which reflects the rainbow.

Gems and Stones For Athletes Petrified Wood and Ivory; increases physical stamina Carnelian; stimulates power

Gems and Stones For Bakers, Chefs and Cooks Agates; aids personal security Moss Agate & Plum Agate; promotes sensitivity to food products

Gems and Stones For Beauty Consultants Rose Quartz; enhances self image Rhodochrosite; promotes self love Crystal; promotes self expression

Gems and Stones For Computer Operators Turquoise; aids mental relaxation Chrysocolla; calms emotional stress Red Jasper; supports physical endurance

Gems and Stones For Construction Workers Carnelian; supports organization of form Banded Agate; gives direction; or protection from falling objects Shells & Ivory; improves personal organization

Gems and Stones For Dancers Agates; strengthens the physical body Moonstone & Opal; encourages self expression

Gems and Stones for Dentists Fossils; influences teeth and mouth wholeness Agates balances physical endurance

Gems and Stones for Detectives Tigers Eye; stimulates clear sight and insight Zircon; aids in organization of facts

Gems and Stones for Doctors and Healers Jade; aids practical diagnosis Bloodstone; regulates energy flow Emerald; stimulates clear vision or insight Crystal; stimulates warmth

Gems and Stones for Dressmakers Chrysoberyls; prevents eye strain Pearl; increases patience

Gems and Stones for Educators Geode; encourages professional freedom Agates; secures emotional endurance Moonstone; supports sharing activities Jade; stimulates practical applications

Gems and Stones for Electricians Red Jasper; ensures alertness Botswana Agate; protects and regulates energy Fire Agate; ensures protection around high energy

Gems and Stones for Farmers Agates & Petrified Wood; relaxes work burdens Obsidian; supports emotional endurance

Gems and Stones for Housewives Shells; promotes household organization Lace Agates; stimulates contentment with ones work Abalone; prevents fatigue Zircon; releases over burdening of responsibilities

Gems and Stones for Journalists Sapphire; increases discernment Lapis Lazuli promotes good judgment Carnelian; establishes form and organization

Gems and Stones for Lawyers Lapis Lazuli; aids in problem solving Sapphire; encourages good judgment

Gems and Stones for Military Personnel Red Jasper; encourages emotional stability Carnelian; improves physical stamina Carved Jade; uplifts

Gems and Stones for Musicians Crystal; increases sensitivity to tonal vibrations Opal; opens sensitivity to audiences Pink Clamshell; re energizes the physical

Gems and Stones for Nurses Emerald; increases insight Bloodstone; regulates energy flow Jade; aids practical application

Gems and Stones for Police Banded Agate; protects from attack Rhodochrosite; rescues the rescuer Red Jasper; aids physical endurance

Gems and Stones for Postal Workers Speckled Agate & Dendritic Agate; protects travelers Blue Lace Agate; calms stress

Gems and Stones for Recreational Workers Agates;supports and increased physical and emotional endurance Topaz & Citrine; improves interactions

Gems and Stones for Salespersons Brazilian Agates; increases physical stamina Carnelian; stimulates motivation Topaz & Citrine; aids energy for communication Petrified Wood; releases mental stress

Gems and Stones for Secretaries Malachite; stimulates clear thinking Moonstone; promotes sensitivity Red Jasper; provides extra patience Dendritic Agates; stabilizes energy levels

Gems and Stones for Singers Red Coral; strengthens the voice Zircon; increases vocal projection

Gems and Stones for Truck and Taxi Drivers Rutilated Quartz; guides direction Speckled Agate; protects travelers

Gems and Stones for Veterinarians Jade; promotes practical healing Bloodstone; regulates energy flow Moss Agate; detoxifies body energies Ivory; protects from animal injuries

Gems and Stones for Waitresses & Waiters Rhodonite; rescues the self image Red Jasper; increases physical endurance Moonstone; enhances self acceptance

Gems and Stones for Writers Sapphire; increases wisdom and knowledge Lapis Lazuli; improves intelligence Sodalite; removes mental confusion


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