Audio Players
Music Match Juke Box and Winamp Side By Side

Two free music player alternatives you can find on the internet that allow you to listen to stream audio (Real Media), MP3, Wav and CD audio.

Above: Music Match (left) with the play list visible (you can hide this and make it smaller) and Winamp (right) with the graphic EQ visible. You can also hide the EQ and make Winamp even smaller!

Because Winamp is a lot smaller in size and the equalizer can be easily displayed as part of the unit I find myself using it the most for playing MP3 and Wav files. It also sports a play back read out that can be in the form of bars or waves to show you the peaks and valleys of the musical tones.

On the other hand, because Music Match has an easily visible and programmable play list and also accesses an on-line data base of CD music it makes for better play of my commercial CDs or groups of files I want to play in a row.

Above: Music Match file conversion.

Music Match also allows me to burn CDs and covert WAV and MP3 files into another format. I can take a raw WAV file I record of original music and convert it to an MP3 file for internet use and at a variety of bit rates.

Above, Music Match with the EQ visible.

While Music Match also has a graphic 10 band equalizer, it is not part of the main unit “skin” – you have to access it from a menu and it takes up a lot of room on the screen. That’s why Winamp is my first choice for background music while I work on articles or chat with associates on the internet. It takes up very little screen room and I can adjust the tones to my taste on a song by song basis. I can also access individual songs from a folder with greater ease. Music Match always returns me to the main menu from which I have to select a drive, then the folder, then the file.

Above Winamps menus and preference controls, which are quite extensive.

So, for me it’s six of one and a half-dozen of the other! So, I keep them both handy.

Neither of them let you use the EQ for commercial CD music, only for WAV and MP3 files.


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