Good Americans

I don't mind Mexicans. Really, I don't! I don't have any problem with them except for one thing. I have a big problem when they come into my country illegally. If one of us snuck over there and did the exact same thing we would never here the end of it. What a stink that would cause! Maybe we should send of ours over there illegally and see what they say. Would it teach Mexico a lesson?

What is wrong with our country to let these people that come into our country with out the proper documentation? Why can't we protect our borders? Are we not the strongest and wealthiest country in the world? Maybe we aren't after all!

Our government can't seem to protect us from the countries that want to take advantage of us. It doesnít seem to be able to watch our borders so the people who donít belong here donít get in and use our resources for themselves. There are illegal aliens using the welfare system to help support their families. Who is going to help the American who have the legal right to live here? Are we going to continue letting people from another country invade us and take what is ours? Are we?

Now there is a new organization of Americans who are taking upon their selves to watch and guard our borders so these illegal people canít get in. I say, bravo! Here is the website where you can find out more.

Americans doing the jobs our Government won't do.
Operating within the law to support enforcement of the law.

Here is the link that will take you to the latest statistics.

These volunteers take turns watching the border between Mexico and the United States and report any invasions to the authorities. These people are volunteers! Not getting paid for the job! What wonderful Americans! Itís about time that someone did something about the illegal immigrant problem. Itís just a shame that our government isnít doing anything.


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