Much of America's attention has been wasted over the past few weeks/months/years on the Terri Schiavo case.

While one poor woman starved to death, we have ignored the thousand/tens of thousands/ hundreds of thousands of people starving to death in the Darfur region of The Sudan.


Our leaders say this case is about life, dignity, rights, and God.

To many it is. I do not doubt that many see in this sad situation echo's of their own true causes.

The life of any individual is sacred. To destroy it is a sin and should be a crime. To claim that others are less than human is bigotry in its ugliest, whether we make that claim because they are of a different race, nationality, religion, or state of health makes no difference. To kill someone because they are different is not right, whether that difference is the color of their skin, their romantic desires, or because they are physically disabled.

Dignity in life is important. Death is inevitable. To demand that we force everyone to live as long as scientifically possible brings up many disturbing situations. Where do we draw the line between life and death, between a futile attempt to keep a heart beating and murder? Can your family force your wishes to be ignored, your body to suffer, or your husband and family into financial ruin just to keep you breathing? All of us are going to die, to offer the chance for us to meet that ending with dignity is a worthy cause.

But face it folks, that is not why the world paid the least bit of attention to the death of Terri Schiavo. It was not because of the good sounding causes opponents and proponents mouth. Too many claim to care about life and dignity, but the truth, the awful ugly truth that is witnessed by the front page story that sprang up minutes after Ms. Schiavo finally passed away is not noble.

These stories talked about the two funerals arranged, since the parents and the widower could not face each other. These stories talked about the last moments of Ms. Schiavo's life, and how the parents were forced out of the room. These stories about the bitter family feud do not seem to be able to end.

The Truth: It is not about life and death and rights and deep moral issues. It is about our perverted pleasure in watching them bicker.

We love the Schiavo soap opera. We want the juicy details of over bearing parents, wicked lustful murderous husbands, and the tears, guilt, and blame that lies in the wake of this tragedy.

Terri Schiavo is just the newest reality TV show--just "Non-Survivor 05". Advertisers like Tom Delay and President Bush have gotten their money's worth. The ACLU and the Democrats have gotten their moneys worth. We have patiently watched each episode as it unfolded in all of its titillating plot twists and turns, and we want more. We have spent our time around the water cooler discussing her case and her family and her future with the same sacred reverence that we discussed "The Swan", or who was the looser on last weeks "American Idol". Well, the final scenes has been shot, Ms. Schiavo has inevitably left the island. We are still demanding more. Like the "Bachelor" wrap up episodes, or a Jerry Springer Pay-Per-View Special where they tell all and show all, we excitedly wait to see what happens next.

Perhaps it will be the next juicy season, Schiavo Season 16--Vultures And The Corpse.

I am tired of being a vulture.

I am changing the channel.

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