Royal Burgers

The basic concept of this treat is close to a traditional beef meatloaf recipe...

1 ½ to 3 pounds of ground beef
1 to 2 eggs
1 to 3 slices of bread
1/4 to ¾ of a medium onion
Spices to taste
A little flour

For this article I used about 3 pounds of beef, with two eggs and three slices of bread, which was going stale and consisted of ends and a slightly hardened inner slice and about half an onion.

Put the beef into a big pot or bowl, crack in the eggs, crumble up the bread and dice up the onion into small cubes. Add all of this into the pot.

I also added a smidgen of milk, but this is optional and not Kosher.

For my spices I used a little salt, pepper, a tad of cinnamon and a little “seasoned salt.”

Next you kneed the mixture until it all gets dissolved. Initially the mixture will be overly wet and falling apart, but once you work the liquid into the meat it starts to solidify again.

Form as many nice, flat patties as you can. Note! They will rise and thicken in the middle automatically so keep them thin to begin with. About ¼ pound or so each. I got about 12 out of my mixture.

Heat a deep pot or frying pan up on the stove and add a little cooking oil just to get the pan ready to fry the patties.

Pour some flour out onto a paper towel or large plate. I use Wondera pre-sifted flour. This is a good all-purpose cooking flour for breading, making rues and sauces. Place the patties into the flour and turn them several times. Even get the edges if you can.

Then toss 3 or 4 of them into the hot pan with that tad of cooking oil and let them fry up until the bottom side is crispy. Turn them over and cook the other side. Once the side facing up has cooked you can press them down a little with the spatula to help remove the excess fat, which will be used to fry the remaining patties.

After fully cooked on both sides (and feel free to even cook the edges by placing them upright against the side of the pan) place them on two sheet of paper toweling to soak up the excess oils and grease.

You can serve these up on bread or buns as you like or put them on a plate with veggies such as beans, corn, mashed potatoes or even rice. You can also cook up some home fries in the remaining fat and serve those along with the burgers.

These can be frozen for later use as quick microwave lunches or put in the refrigerator for a few days. They even taste great cold!


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