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Suicide Bomber Blows Up Bus In Jerusalem

At least 15 have died and about 70 people were injured when a suicide bomb detonated a bomb on a crowded rush hour bus in Jerusalem. Among those injured was a teenage girl.

Canadian Gays Can Marry

A Canadian high court ruled that laws preventing same sex marriages are unconstitutional, leaving the door wide open for gay men and women to obtain legal marriages in that country.

Kentucky Catholics Settle Abuse Cases

Lawyers representing almost 250 people who are claiming sexual abuse at the hands of Catholic priests have settled a suit that covering a period of decades. No details of the settlement were disclosed, but neither said is said to be totally pleased over the final outcome.

The Continuing New York Times Saga

In what now seems to be shades of New York Times-Gate, one of their award winning writers is now under investigation from 1932. Walter Duranty, who won the award for his long-term coverage of the Soviet Union under Stalin, was criticized in recent years for dispensing Communist propaganda instead of factual news.

The New York Times, one of the most respected works of journalism in the U.S., has received a lot of "write makes it up" press in recent times. This, of course, will have an effect on future articles in the Times which will probably see more editorial review.

U.S. Criticizes Israel Over Assassination Attempt

President Bush was critical with Israel's decision to attempt a hit on the head of Hamas, who is refusing to cooperate with Palestine in the on-going negotiations with Israel.

Other U.S. officials, however, softened the blow indicating that Israel has rights to stop terrorism just as the U.S. did in Afghanistan and Iraq.

U.S. Democrats Want Inquiry on Iraq Intelligence

In view of the lack of serious weapons found in Iraq, the minority party (Democrats) are calling for an official inquiry into the intelligence gathering and information that lead to our invasion efforts.

The 9 Year Old Abducted Girl Returns Home

Janette Tamayo was released 15 miles for her home at a convenience store. The suspected kidnapper has been taken into custody.

Disease From Exotic Pets

An unusually high incidence of monkeypox in humans has jumped from pets to humans via the handling of prairie dogs or possibly a giant Gambian rat (which comes from Africa). Largely this outbreak is in the Midwest (a Chicago area pet store is being thoroughly checked) and the disease is generally no lethal.

People, however, are advised to beware of these particular animals for the here and now as a major incidence of infection has cropped up and exposure or bites from prairie dogs seems to be causing the disease to spread.

Prarie dogs are not naturally found in the Midwest, but are from the deeper Southwest in states like Texas.

Nine Year Old Girl Abducted.

A Sacramento, California home was invaded by what police believe to be a somewhat short man in his early 20's who took a nine year old Janette Tamayo, beating up her mother and brother before leaving their home by car with the girl in the backseat.

The man spoke in both Spanish and English. It is believe he hid in the house after invading the premises.

Janette Tamayo has brown hair with blonde streaks. The vehicle is believed to be tan or silver in color. An "Amber" alert has been posted for her.

Solar Eclipse Today.

Visible mostly in upper Europe, Canada and parts of Western U.S.

Do not look directly at the sun, use welders glass, not plastic, to block the harmful rays or project the image of the sun on paper.

Major Memorial Weekend Accidents in Maryland Fog.

Between 100 and 150 cars were involved in crashes along Interstate 68 near the Big Savage mountain range in Maryland due to almost zero visiblity in fog earlier today.

Major Earthquake in Algeria.

Thousands and thousads of people have been injured and about 600 died in this quake.

As part of our pet theory on Earthquakes we are calling for some activity on the other side of the world, possibly in North or South America that can be either volcanic or a balancing Earthquake of sizable proportions to occur with-in the next 45 to 60 days.

Eclipse Near The Start.

This eclipse was a very dark one. The moon totally vanished from my view in upstate New York. I haven't seen an eclipse this dark since the one in Chicago around 1964. One of our correspondents in the Midwest can still see it faintly where he is, with a faint orange ring around the limb.

Here are some digital photo of the eclipse.

Total Lunar Eclipse Tonight.

North American and Cananda will see the eclipse starting tonight around 8 pm in the West, 9 pm in the Midwest and 10 pm on the East Coast. Europe will see it early Friday morning around midnight. This eclipse is safe to look at and the full moon should appear deep orange or dark gray in totality.

18 Dead In Smuggler's Truck-Trailer.

More than 100 Mexican and Latin American immigrants were loaded about a refrigerated long-haul truck trailer in Harlingen, Texas, 18 of them are now dead because the refrigerated air conditioner was turned off after the truck was unhitched. Among the dead was a 4 year old boy, among the living was a girl who was rescued on her 15th birthday.

A Schenectady owner-operator who normally brought in watermelons from Mexico to upstate New York, has been arrested him as being one of those involved, along with three other men, one of whom was a passenger with the alleged driver, Tyrone Williams.

Houston area police are investigating the incident in an effort to find the driver and other responsible for suffocating the smuggled immigrants.

Almost 30 killed in Terrorist Attack.

Suspected al Qaeda terrorists struck at a housing complex in Saudi Arabia killing 10 Americans, at least one Austrailan and others living at the complex.

Deaths in Illinois From New Twister.

New Midwest storms in rural Illinois have claimed more lives, bringing the total death this season from tornadoes to over 40.

Twister Kills Many in Kansas, Missouri and Tennessee.

Between yesterday and today many tornadoes touched down in the Midwest of the United States leveling houses and even an armory which was being used by a shelter for some. House in some smaller cities and towns were either leveled or damaged in some way. Reports of roughly 30 or more deaths have been made in these areas since yesterday. 05-02-2003
70 Die in China Sub Training Accident.

The entire crew of a Chinese submarine died as a result of a mechanical failure during a training exercise.

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