Monica Lewinsky (former Presidental intern) made her debut as a national TV host on the Fox network Mondays with “Mr. Personality.”

New episodes of Stargate SG1 are due to begin airing in June on the Sci-Fi channel. Michael Shanks (Dr. Daniel Jackson) returns to the show (he was “killed” off at the end of one year and came back as an apparition when the new season began, since then he has made occasional guest appearances on the series).

Stargate is nominated for 4 Saturn Awards, including Best Syndicated TV Series and also star and producer Richard Dean Anderson is nominated as best actor. In the past the show has received Emmy nonomations, Gemini Nominations and Leo Nominations.

The TV series, based on the movie "Stargate" which starred Kurt Russell and James Spader, was converted for small screen by MGM Television and had an initial 5 year run on the Showtime premium cable network before moving to the Sci Fi channel last year. This year starts season 7. Older episodes are also seen on broadcast channels in syndication, plus the show airs around the world in many different countries.

Below are Stargate Event dates around the world:

May 2-5, 2003 CollectorMania 3 Milton Keynes, England Guests: Corin Nemec, Armin Shimmerman (also remembered as Quark from "Star Trek DSN"), John de Lancie (who also was "Q" from Star Trek Next Generation). (plus other non-SG-1 guests)

May 17 & 18, 2003 SFX and London Expo London, England Guests: Teryl Rothery, Sueann Braun

May 30-June 1, 2003 Vulkon Tampa, Florida Guests: Teryl Rothery, Corin Nemec

June 5-8, 2003 Fan Odyssey Culver City, California Guest: Michael Shanks

June 7 & 8, 2003 Great Entertainment Charleston, West Virginia Guest: Teryl Rothery

June 7 & 8, 2003 BenCon 2003 Colorado City, Colorado Guest: Michael Shanks

August 29-September 1, 2003 Dragon Con Atlanta, Georgia Guests: Christopher Judge and Tony Amendola

September 11-14, 2003 GateCon Best Western Richmond Inn, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Guests: Don Davis, Teryl Rothery, JR Bourne, Jay Acovone and Douglas Arthurs

October 24 & 25, 2003 Gate Days Convention Frankfurt, Germany Guests: Don S. Davis, Tony Amendola

Discovery's Best Videos

Oxygen (cable television) has been airing the USA Network cutting edge series La Femme Nikita on a regular basis, including all day marathons of the entire 5 season run.

Oxygen also runs old episodes of The Avengers -- I’d like to see someone pick up the earlier episodes with Honor Blackman, which never aired in the U.S. Only the Emma Peel and Tara King episodes run in America.

May is when all the networks make a decision of which pilots to turn into a full blow series for the fall season. It is also the start of summer re-runs, however many networks are now trying out new reality shows over the summer.

Speaking of reality TV, watch for a new All Reality, All The Time, Network to appear later this year or early in 2004.

Producers have tried to move Reality TV into the big screen movie theaters with mixed success. A current release on college students in Cancun for spring break didn’t do all that great on release. Producers felt the R rated, overly sexual content prevented kids 14 to 17 from attending. So for now, Reality seems to be a TV domain!

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