Summer Is Coming!
Are You Ready For It?

You stil have time to tighten up and slim down before the sun graces the surf in the northern part of the world. (Even better if you live Down Under!) According to Professor Philip James of the International Obesity Task Force, nearly 2 billion people in the world (almost one out of three humans) are overweight. Surprisingly, the problem was especially significant with Asians. So this issue, including links to past articles, will arm you with important weight loss information.

Changes detailed in the New Food Pyramid reveal new rules for the overall American diet, in particular the Carbohydrate discussed in our piece on Sugar.

Weight loss and exercise don't always go together. We look at the pros and cons of both weight-loss dieting and working out at the gym and how they may not quite give you the results you expected.

Many weight loss and workout programs are fads; some verge on cult status. We look at getting caught up in a sub-culture of half-truths and warn of dietary products that may cost you money but deliver no results, or even be dangerous.

If you really want to buff up quickly, there's the workout "miracle" substance Creatine but does it really work and is it right for you? Read about this natural substance found in fish and meats, and its possible effects.

Our annual listing of Fairs and Festivals covers county and state fairs, fun-in-the-sun festivals and concerts. These should point you in the right direction for summer fun, on past Labor Day and into the early fall.

Kick back and click around--we hope you enjoy this issue.

Our Slim Down, Trim Up and Be Healthier For Summer Special Continues With:
Diet Info | Diets and Exercise | Sugar + Carbs
New Food Pyramid | Creatine Pros and Cons | Health Cults | Diet Meal: Teriyaki Chicken
Lower Calorie Burger Maker | Healthy Chocolate? | Hype?

And From Past Issues We Also Offer You:

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