The Subject of Pornography

Pornography is defined as the writings, pictures, films, etc., designed to stimulate sexual excitement and/or the production of such material. These usually involve naked people, especially women, in sexual acts and most porn seems to be used and/or bought by men. Pornography can also be classified into six types.

1. Magazines and books sold in adult bookstores.
2. Video movies sold in adult bookstores
3. Motion pictures that are rated ‘hard R’.
4. Television shows usually shown on cable television.
5. Cyber porn is pornography that can be found on the internet by using a computer.
6. Telephone porn is a phone call where someone will talk to encourage sexual arousal.

Is pornography wrong and is it harmful to society? This is a question that needs to be asked and an answer discovered because pornography is much like second hand smoke or pollution. You might not be the viewer but someone who does watch or read porn could cause you harm either directly or indirectly. At least that is what some studies might show.

Another question of pornography involves the First Amendment, particularly the freedom of expression. In the case of Miller vs. California the Supreme Court of the United States, in 1973, established a “Three Prong Test” of obscenity. The Court decided that obscene material was not protected by the First Amendment (an affirmation of Roth vs. United States) and they must meet three conditions to be considered obscene.

The three conditions of obscene material are:

1. whether the average person, applying contemporary community standards, would find that the work, taken as a whole, appeals to the prurient interest

2. whether the work depicts or describes, in a patently offensive way, sexual conduct specifically defined by the applicable state law

3. whether the work, taken as a whole, lacks serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value

Obscenity can be defined as the state or quality of being obscene or obscene acts, statement, work, etc. Obscenity is that which is offensive or outrageous to accepted standards of decency or modesty.

So now the question comes back to is pornography harmful? There have been many studies that try to prove that it is, but realistically it would a hard thing to demonstrate. To substantiate this matter a group of men would have to be exposed to pornography and another group of men would have to be kept from pornography, all in a controlled environment and from the time they are young boys until they reach adulthood.

There have been studies that seem to show a marked increase in murder, rape, and pedophilia in persons who regularily indulge in pornography. It has also been suggested that pornography is determintal to woman, promotes a view of sex that is casual and impersonal, and stripping sex of any emotional connection or bonding.

Ted Bundy, the infamous serial killer, would often make his victims dress in certain clothes and pose in ways that recreated the pornographic images that he especially liked. He blamed easy access to pornography in his early years, especially violent sexual pornography, for the way that he treated his victims.

Not all persons who make use of pornography are criminals or serial killers. Many people, men and women, lead normal lives. To them pornography is just a way to add spice to their sexual lives, including many married couples. It adds a touch of excitement in their usual routines.

Is pornography immoral? That would be determined by conventionally accepted standards of conduct which are decided by society. Each society has its own morality and every person has their own definition of morality. What one person would think is immoral would not necessarily be considered by another to be immoral.

Lately there have been more cases of arrests that involve the possession and or sale of kiddie porn. Kiddie porn is any pornographic writings, pictures, movies, etc., which involve children (underage people), whether it is pictures or movies showing children performing sexual acts or sexual acts being performed on them. The definition of kiddie porn may vary from place to place because of different ages of consent around the world.

By most societies it does seem that pornography is immoral and it also seems to be a big indication of an increase in crimes against women and children. Regulation of pornography may needs be strengthened and the laws more closely enforced to protect our citizens be it children or the adults who are victimized by pornography. Whether pornography is considered to be wrong or right is a long standing question, but it is not going to go away any time in the near future and maybe not at all.

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