8 Mile
Reviewed by Lance Vermont

Eminem is not known for his acting abilities. In fact, this is his first movie. Though his videos are amazing this movie took a lot more acting ability than Eminem is known for. As a fan I had to see this movie and I was not disappointed. Eminem, though a trifle stiff at times, played the role of Rabbit admiringly.

Kim Bassinger played the role of his unstable mother extremely well. We heard from our sources that she actually could not wait to play this part as it was a very good character that would stretch her amazing ability, Bravo Ms. Bassinger! Bravo!

Rabbit works in a factory in Detroit. His life is tough and hard and he needs a way to climb out of the hole that is called poverty. He finds the answer in his friends who are DJs and MCs and call themselves Three One Third.

His first stab at rapping comes and he freezes on stage. The fact that he is a white boy in a predominately music genre of African Americans doesnít help his ability in believing in himself.

Faced with a bleak future in the dump he calls life Rabbit tries once more with his posse and new girlfriend cheering him on. You know the rest of the story. He wins the contest and makes a start in the business.

Eminem was very good in this and the original score of the sound track was awesome. The movie showed how someone, who wanted to make a big change in their life for the better,was successful.

This is a must see for every Eminem fan and anyone who wants to see a good flick. It is out in DVD now also.

The Core
Reviewed by Lance Vermont

I usually donít care for disaster movies but this one intrigued me so I went to see it. The previews were very exciting but that is not necessarily a sign that a movie is any good.

Itís about the earthís core coming to a complete stop and all hell breaks loose. Five people are picked to go to the core and jumps start it with bombs. That is basically it except for the great special effects, good acting, and a plot not too bad.

When seventeen people literally drop dead and every pigeon in the world all of a sudden forgets how to fly and cause havoc to people and buildings, you wonder what is going on.

That is how this movie starts. If that isnít enough to get your interest, a college professor is taken by some federal men who have no sense of humor and united with a colleague who was brought to the same location. Then the fun begins!

Kikigurl's pick: Anger Management with her favorite actor Adam Sandler and another favorite, Jack Nicholson (who she says reminders her of our resident male entertainment editor who "can't handle the truth!"). Very funny film!

Watch for: X-Men 2 opening at the start of May.

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