Irene Greenhalgh

A note from the artist…………

The visual drama of everyday surroundings and events are fascinating to me, as well as the impact of light and shadow on our emotions. My goal in my paintings is to celebrate the interplay of color, light and form in our environment.

Enjoying the fine arts has always been an important part of my life, but I began painting as an avocation more than ten years ago. I have studied at the New School, also with Shirley Malone of Amityville, and with Lucy Taylor, Jeff Web, and Louise Fucci of the Art League of Long Island, all of who have influenced my style, and to whom I am very grateful.

As a registered nurse, specializing in psychiatric mental health nursing, I strongly supported the use of art as a vehicle to express and maintain well-being for both patients and staff at South Oaks Hospital in coordinating the annual employee art exhibit.

Now in retirement, I am painting watercolor florals. Flowers have always been for me the tangible symbol of God in my life. In my floral paintings, I strive to express that interplay of color, texture and light in which I recognize the Creator’s hand.

Irene Greenhalgh


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