Diet or Work Out Items Of Questionable Value


On the leading edge of this are those pills and patches that promise to shed pounds from your body in 30 days, often at a cost of $75 including shipping.

We tried out a supply of the patches and the results seem to be far from expectations. Our subject was hoping to see some decent size reduction (we did get a two pound loss over 20 days, but it’s hard to say if it was diet, reduced exercise or the effects of Creatine leaving the system, as this was taken two months prior to the patch). We did not see gobs and gobs of body fat exit.

The active ingredient of these items is a seaweed element (actually an iodine compound, which is found in common table salt in moderation, but salt is known for retaining water so that is not a good substitute). Iodine has an effect on the thyroid gland (and you are suppose to place the patch near this area of the body) and can even adversely affect this gland when used over a long period of time.

It may have a more pronounced effect on a very over weight person who is totally inactive, but largely through the thyroid gland stimulating the body. On the modestly overweight person the effects seem to be iffy.

This product is grossly overpriced for the compound. If you live in California, Florida, Hawaii you can get buckets of seaweed for free at the shoreline. A bottle of Iodine is under $4 and provides months of similar treatment. You can paint some on your neck near the thyroid, but remember this can be dangerous! Consult with a doctor before taking this type of treatment to make sure you don’t have a thyroid problem.

Our feeling is, basically, save your $75. Eat less and do a little exercise. It’s cheaper and possibly more effective on everyone!


We looked at this in detail elsewhere in this issue (Creatine Pros and Cons), but we’d like to mention that while this product does deliver results to some people it is widely known in the work-out industry that approximately one out of every four persons taking creatine sees no results at all! Considering the $50+ you have to spend on this product we thought a word of caution was in order.

Does it work? One person we know went up magically from 111 to 125 pounds in the time span of a month (problem was this person actually wanted to get smaller and trimmer). As a bulk-up product for 3 out of 4 people you may see size and weight gain as it fills the muscles with water. It also provides some benefit in extending work-outs by restoring muscle energy. Will you see the results they promise in those before and after pictures, where you're a 50 pound weaking at the start of the month and the Incredible Hulk 30 days later? Probably not. Our only test subject did not see super larger muscles (she was female and they don’t have the same results as a man).

As with the diet patches prolonged use of creatine can be harmful (possibly to the kidneys or heart). It will puff up every part of the body on some people. It will do nothing at all on some people. It is not for teenagers as mood swings are seen in 1 out of 5 kids, especially in boys. It is a toxin. It can be dangerous in large doses or when taken over long periods of time. Use with great care and don’t be surprised if you don’t see the same results as in those ads where 50 pound weakling turns into Hulk Hogan in 30 days. It does offer some benefits to some people, but it’s not for everyone and those ads are a little out there in the thin limb!


We discussed this dimpled problem that affects mostly women back in January. Some people will never get ride of cellulite because of their metabolism or genetics. No cream and no pill removes it from the body. No exercise or work-out program removes it from the body. Some wraps and exercises will mask or hide the pronounced effects of cellulite.

As for removing it from the system it’s a matter of drinking lot of water, removing salts and toxins (including cigarette smoke and in most cases birth control pills), getting deep therapeutic massages and doing enough work-out to stimulate or increase the circulatory system so it can be flushed from the system. You must also be on a lowered fat, weight reduction diet.

The flushing process can take months and there is no warranty. Most people will never get rid of those dimples completely. For those, maybe the wraps of coffee grains and leg exercises that hide some of the dimpled effect will provide some relief, but don’t spend money on expensive creams or pills.

Some experts say that certain “essential” oils may also help the flushing process. We will be testing that out in the coming months and give you a report once we know first hand about these oils, which are not terribly expensive ($10 to $20 a bottle). Essential oils are not totted as a cure, but a part of the overall program detailed above.

Medical lipo suction will remove it initially, but there is a better than 50/50 chance it will return if you continue to put toxins into your body or it is genetically based.


These are often caffeine based. The same as “no dose.” Black coffee has only 5 calories, so it might be cheaper to drink coffee or diet sodas, which also have caffeine.

Caffeine speeds up the heart and metabolism a bit. They are a poor-man’s amphetamine, which is one of the primary ingredients of prescription diet pills (which are often dangerous). They will also make it hard to get to sleep if you take a pill too close to bedtime.

Compare the price and active ingredients. A product like No-Dose might be cheaper. Caffeine is of minimal benefit in weight reduction. It doesn’t kill the appetite to the same degree as an amphetamine often does.

These pills are of questionable benefit from a medical point of view, however the placebo effect (the sugar pill that does nothing) often works on some people. This is where you believe the pill will help you.


These are not a magic weight loss products. Again, they are largely a placebo. A crutch to help people think they are doing something positive to lose weight.

The heart and soul of these Diet Drinks is the meal plan they include on the label. The diet drink is supposed to replace one or two meals. The drink is about 225 calories (half of what you should eat per meal on a weight loss diet or one fourth of what most people eat in a fast food meal). It contains decent nutrition. It has some carbohydrate and protein value. It is about the same as eating 3 egg whites along with a grapefruit or glass of orange juice.

We determined it to be lower in calories and sugar, with a safer sugar spike (according to people at Slim Fast their product rates a sugar spike of 45) then cereal (a spike of 70), skim milk (40) and a banana (80). It has roughly similar nutrients as the cereal breakfast.

One of our test subjects used this for many months and found both the bulk and placebo effect to be quite good in maintaining their diet. They went from 123 to 114 over a period of four months by reducing food content (one big meal, a modest lunch, plus a diet supplement drink for breakfast) and purging all sweets from their diet.

These drinks, however, are not a magic potion. They are a lower calorie, nutritionally balanced substitute for breakfast or lunch. They are not unhealthy nor harmful. They are, basically, fortified milk with a little more bulk. They may not totally remove cravings for more food. They are also a little on the expensive side at around $2.50 a serving.

They only work if you follow the eating guidelines for the rest of the day, don’t cheat and don’t expect to see results for several months!


One of our test subjects brought these drinks to our attention. It is largely corn syrup and filtered water, weighing in at 400+ calories. It also has some salts that help restore muscle power (ATP). It also has a major warning label advising people who are diabetic to take this drink with great care!

It is basically sugar water. It is the same as a $1, super large candy bar with some beneficial salts that restore some muscle power. You can find these salts in other drinks that have lower sugar spike value (some muscle people think sugar is good for work out energy, that is a hot debate and the medical community warns high sugar levels can promoted heart attack and stroke). You can find these salts in natural fruits and drinks that have a lot less sugar value.

We were very surprised to see “health clubs and gyms” selling sugar water as some sort of “power drink.” This did not strike us as being very “health conscious.” Obviously heath club gurus will approve of “sugar” if it’s profitable and produced by another work out guru.

At almost $3 a bottle it was also quite expensive!

Medical experts say raising your blood sugar level too high may increase the risk of heart attack and stroke down the line. You work out at the gym to make the heart healthier through exercise, so why are guys and gals at the gym drinking sugar water to spike their body levels through the roof and speed up the process of stroke and heart attack? (Well, some of the work out people do take totally unhealthy steroids, don’t they!?)

Does it work? It probably does, but not only will it help your work out at the gym, it will help your pancreas get a good work out supplying insulin to absorb all that sugar should you gulp the product down in a chug-a-lug contest! It will also speed up your heart, which may not be that healthy! It may also make you fatter, because it has a lot of dead sugar calories!

We suggest you eat a banana. It has potassium, other salts, natural sugar and a lot lower calorie value, plus it’s cheaper! Put it in some skim milk and make a smoothie, that’s even better!

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