Harry Sarrenin

Harry’s way with steel and metal are nothing more than amazing. His fantastic creations are so lifelike they look as if they will swim away. Or could be served up at a back yard barbecue.

The ‘Steefish’ has a unique ability to create, with metal, creatures and things you see. His vast knowledge of metalworking is awe-inspiring. You only need to see his art to know he is a master of metal.

Harry’s artwork is beautiful and unique. Just like the world where he gets his inspiration. To see his work is to see magic.

His website contains more of his work and more information about him. And the world is starting to really notice the beauty in his art. He was interviewed by a reporter from the New York Times and the interview is in the May 19th issue of the Long Island Journal.

Here it is as he sent it to me:

Harry's News Article

Go here to find his website:


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