Hamilton Beach Burger Maker

A fast, clean, easy way to cook a lower fat burger (or any other patty, including veggie burgers).

Fashioned like an electric waffle iron, you place you patty (which can be frozen or fresh) on either side (it can handle two at once), close it, plug it in and in a few minutes you have a very lean, low fat burger.

The fat drippings go down a hole in front of the unit into a small plastic drip reservoir that quickly removes so you can dump all that saturated fat into a coffee can or down the drain. The no stick grill surfaces clean with just the wipe of a sponge.

I made my first burger from a frozen patty, which cooked in the time it took me to make a side of macaroni and cheese. It make no smoke (it steamed a little) and I only needed to lift the lid once to check on the process. Had I used a pan I’d be going from one pan to another, flipping and there’d be all sorts of grease spatter on the stove with smoke from the cooking process.

The most amazing thing was how much fat was purged from the regular burger meat I used, which normally soaks several pieces of toweling paper. I place my finished burger on the paper, pressed and only a few small marks of fat came off. When I applied pressure, which normally makes the fat ooze out of the patty, nothing came out at all.

The finished burger, which was well done, had the texture and chew of steak more than burger, but if you take your offering with more pink it may retain some of the juice and fat.

The Hamilton Beach product (and there are many competitive products, including one fronted by Joe Forman, all of these are probably of comparable efficiency) was a real no-brainer to use and is ideal for the single person or someone who is so busy cooking other things that having one less hassle is a blessing!

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