Elena Ray

Elena is an emerging artist with a new approach to expressing what she feels and sees. She has a unique style all her own and the best part is that she will share her visions with us.

The Sunbride
She is a professional photographer with a background in national advertising. Some of her clients include San Manuel Mission Indians and Olam magazine. Elena is represented by Feminine Mystique Art gallery in Arizona and was recently shown at Metroform Limited Contemporary Art Gallery in Tucson, Az.

Buddha's Hindu Butterfly Bride

She contemplates nature and spirituality in her work. These images are made from that sweet peaceful center within. The artistic process begins with a photograph, proceeds into state of the art digital manipulation, and is then taken through numerous mixed medium procedures.
Touch the Sky

Elena lives in Arizona and is a resident of a remote town of about 2000 in the Sonoran desert where she is currently working on her latest project. She has developed a new style of photography which is a hybrid form of mixed media with photography at it's basis. The work incorporates digital fusion and organic collage techniques.

Prints of these works are available at risingartist.com where she is a featured artist.

Elena Ray


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