Health, Diet and Fitness Cults

Virtually every workout, slim down, healthy-up advocate or program in the world basically qualifies as cult, complete with brainwashing and scare tactics. What you get is Jesus with muscles, tofu and exotic greenhouse grown beans.

One underage teenager I know fell under the spell of some muscle-up expert at the health club and started working out like a fiend. They even encouraged by this "expert" to start taking creatine. They went from 111 pounds to 130 in two months! People started saying her face was getting large (that was probably the creatine) as was her backside, but still she believes in her guru because they work at the gym and are “trained” in all stuff at school.

Creatine was discussed elsewhere in this issue and it is specifically noted by the Physcians Desk Reference not to be given to anyone under the age of 18 without consulting with parents and doctors, yet these megalomaniacs of big muscles, no meat, no sugar and drinking bottles of pure olive oil to cleanse the soul (or at least the liver) keep indoctrinating the unsuspecting in to a life that is not necessarily better (nor worse) only different.

That gives them messiah powers, qualifying the movement as a cult, and cults can be dangerous.

While these people are certainly not advocating that you own a machine gun and over throw the government, nor do they tell you to get spray paint and destroy people’s fur coats just because they think a rodent has more rights than a human (or the sanctity of the property owned by a human), the net results are the same. It’s a Hitler syndrome that gives one person or class of people strong powers that open the avenue to abuse of the weak-willed or unsuspecting.

Merchandising is another big part of these cult movement. Just like television ministers you can get autographed pictures and personal inventions, drinks, pills, powders and foods from your favorite guru for just five payments of $29.95 and we take all charge cards.

They also have buzz words. The bulk-up weight training people say: “gotta have your carbs” while the bulk down diet gurus say: “gotta give up your carbs!”

It should be obvious that this is a paradox. One health expert say “eat more carbs” while another health expert says “don’t eat any carbs at all!” How can both “health” views be true in the same physical universe?

Every expert, down to the those who are licensed physicians, often withholds vital information and truths on the things they advocate. In the case of the girl I knew the gym guru didn’t tell her that her face might get larger (there are muscles in the face) or that she would gain from 3 to 7 pounds, in fact she was told the opposite, that they didn’t think it would do much to her at all (wow, that's great benefits for your $50 a bottle). They also didn’t tell her that there are some possible health issues including behavior problems and that those with kidney problems should take it with care. Creatine is also being watched to see what happens with the heart, as the heart is a muscle and creatine enlarges all muscles. An enlarged heart can be a dangerous problem. You see, you can't convert the flock if you tell them things are not perfect in heaven or that there might be a downside, even if that downside eventually ruins your body and health. Better to ignore the downside and push the benefits, because you need converts (and you need to make a sale at cash register to keep the gym open and get your a raise in salary).

These people will say anything and do anything to bring you over to their point of view and that is not about good health, that is politics and religion. These people are missionaries and you are being converted, indoctrinated and brainwashed with partial truths, slanted or biased information all geared to support the belief that they are the master race, with everyone else being inferior.

There is no "one way." There is no absolute way to be healthy. You can follow your guru but if your body decides to get cancer at the age of 24 you might die even though you lived a healthy life according to their doctrines (that virtually “promised” to keep you cancer and heart disease free by filling you with beta caratine). Still you got sick and died. Ask for a written warranty and see what they tell you!

This does not mean these people don’t have something to offer, just learn to separate the rhetoric and sales pitch from the beneficial information they do dispense now and then in small quantities. Learn to research things on your own instead of blindly believing the gurus of the world.

The girl I knew wanted to have smaller thighs and a smaller body, instead she started blowing up in size and she still believe her gods at the gym because “they are education in this stuff so they must know!”

The problem with false gods and prophets is, like with the Wizard of Oz, we eventually get to look behind the curtain and see they are nothing more than moral men, who are just as prone to being wrong and making mistakes as anyone else.

When all is said and done we are responsible for our own actions and behavior, not the “god” who works at the gym or even one who writes in a magazine! If you don’t like what you get from following your god, you need look no further than your own mirror to see the reason for what bothers you. People get over weight and out of shape because they have an addiction to food, a lack of willpower or a medical condition that may not be corrected by any diet or exercise. People flock to cults and fanatics because it is the easy way out. It feeds their addiction and they give their will over to their shinning heroes. The term “I was only following orders” sounds terribly too familiar and easily fits the motif of those followers of the gurus of healthy living.

This is not to say you shouldn’t listen, but you need to flex your mental muscle as well your arm or leg muscles, look deeper behind the curtains to see what products your heroes are making a profit from, as well as what bias or brainwashing they have had in the process of their own conversion. Take what they say with a grain of salt. Don’t be a silly little sheep, for only the leader of the flock gets the good view of what is up ahead.

Are you just blindly looking at the view of another sheep walking in front of you?

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