Teriyaki Chicken

A low calorie, high protein, modest carbohydrate dinner with 400-450 total calories that cooks in 30 minutes, serves three people and can be made by anyone with little effort and a few ingredients.

Approx. 1 lb. skinless chicken breasts (full split breast, de-boned and skinned).
1 can green beans
1 ˝ cup Instant Rice
Kikkoman Teriyaki sauce

You must used skinless chicken and remove any excess fat you find. You can cook it in any pan, but a non-stick pan works best. Use no fat or grease (if you must use an oil make it olive or canola and only a tad, but it will increase the calories of this meal a little). Cut the chicken into bit sized bits, put them into the pan and turn on the heat. You poach the chicken using about ˝” of water in the pan. If you want you can thrown in one clove of garlic and a little sliced onion. Try doing this with no seasonings other than the Teriyaki sauce.

After the meat has poached for a few minutes and is white all over you can start adding a little of the Teriyaki sauce until the water starts boiling away (we call this reducing the liquid) and the chicken starts looking all tan. Add a tad more water to keep at least a little liquid below the chicken at all times.

The Kikkoman Teriyaki sauce is among those lowest in calories and additives. A lot of other sauces add a sweet fruit juice to the mixture (these are marinades) that can double the calories.

After about 15 minutes of cooking you can start making the rice and green beans.

I have substituted bean sprouts, onions and even cabbage and cooked them right up with the chicken as a sort of stir fry, but it is a lot more cut and dry for the average person to just use some rice and canned veggies.

There is some reason to believe that brown rice is more nutritionally sound, but bear in mind it can also add another 30 calories to the meal and could be harder to cook for the novice. Instant rice, while more expensive, comes out perfect and is generally a bit lower is starch and carbohydrates than regular or brown rice.

If you use fresh green beans add more water and boil them longer. For this meal I cook the rice and beans in the same pot and same water. Drain the canned beans and drop them into 1 ˝ cups of water. Boil them for a few minutes and drop in the Instant rice. Turn off the heat, cover and let stand. You can add a little chopped or minced onion to the rice and beans if you’d like, but it will had a few more calories and carbs!

Green beans are very low in carbs and sugar, about 25 calories from 1/3 of a can (the portion size for this meal). Corn, on the other hand, is about four times this amount in carbs and calories.

By the time the instant rice has cooked (with the beans) the chicken should be totally finished. Ladle them out on to plates.

If you’re not on a weight loss diet you can divide this into two portions and it would be 600+ calories each, which is about 1/3 of what you should eat on a daily basis. For those on a diet split this into thirds. If you are feeding just two people, then save the rest for lunch tomorrow!

Each serving has:

210 calories of Cooked Chicken (4.5 ounces poached)
50 calories of Teriyaki sauces
160 calories (1/2 cup) Rice
25 calories (5 ounces) green beans

Each portion provides about 40% carbohydrates (sugar and fat producing materials), 52% proteins (cell building materials), 8% fat (mostly from the chicken) and about 110 mg of cholesterol, making this a lowered carb, higher protein meal that provides balanced nutrition and easily fits into a non-fad diet plan.

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