Artistic Arena

'Art, a disciplined activity that may be limited to skill or expanded to include a distinctive way of...' definition according to the dictionary but yet art is more than a disciplined activity or skill. Art is an expression of the human soul. It is the method of pouring out one's heart to others so that they may see the world in one's eyes.

It expands ones mind as well as the heart.

We will bring you artists and their works and share with you the many forms and mediums of art. From an oil painting to modern sculpture, all are artistic forms and the expression of beauty through human endeavor.

We all work towards the fact that there is more to this world than just news.

We are committed to seek the truth and tell the world. We hope to show our readers the truth in ways most magazines won't. We want to share with you the beauty of the human soul.

Here at Issues we all appreciate the wonderful beauty that can be found in art and we hope to be able to share some with you.

Thank you,
The Editors (and art lovers)

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