Homeland Security?

We have the wrong people in charge!

Homeland Security. Do you know who runs it? Madonnaís former lawyer!

Iím not joking!

The man in charge of Homeland Security was a former member of the Latham and Watkins, LLP, law firm with offices around the world. One of their clients was Madonna.

Whatís a lawyer doing running Americaís Homeland Security?

Would you want a lawyer running the FBI? The NYPD? The CIA?

Of course, with this person in charge Iím not nearly as worried as I could be. I mean Daryl Gates or G. Gordon Liddy or better yet Oliver North could be in charge of this department.

Now those are people with some claws!

Gates was the man who once said about airplane hijackings, that we should have a bus with a judge, 12 people and a rope on the back go to the airport and provide justice on the spot! Wow! What and idea! What do you think of that idea, Osama?!

How about G. Gordon Liddy, the man who broke into Watergate and held his hand over an open flame to prove his loyalty! Now thatís a man who could face a Congressional investigation and flinch!

Colonel Oliver North. That man who really knew out to outsource an army! If Ollie was in charge, first of all it probably wouldnít cost taxpayers anything, because he financed his Army with drug money from Columbia! Now, thatís a frugal way to do business! I like his style! He could infuse all sorts of $$$ into Homeland Security and it wouldnít cost the taxpayers of the U.S one additional cent in taxes. He also has the balls to get the job done, too! Iíll bet no one would fly so much as a piper cub into a two story building with him on the job!

Why not all three of them!? What a team that would be! Nuke the bastards?! The only debate in their board room would be over how big a nuke to use and who gets to push the button!

A lawyer in charge of Homeland Security? Wow. That makes me feel real safe at night...


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