Foreigners Run Our Ports?

Forget about the controversy over the United Arab Emirates, who will be the new owners of a lot of key ports on the Eastern seaboard of the United States, I was upset the British ran them and I never knew it!

This takes outsourcing to an all-time new high!

Itís bad enough my bank (Capital One) out sources customer service to India or Pakistan, we have outsourced management of seaports in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Florida to the Brits!

I mean, anytime they want to they can bring in a few British War Ships and reclaim the colonies!

Look at what they did in the Malvenos (Falkland) Islands a few decades ago! For those of you who donít remember this, the Brits claim ownership of an Island off Argentina, which the Argentineans claim is theirs. They invaded and the Brits sent a whole bunch of war ships to take it back from those nasty Argentina Imperialists!

This is the worst since the Japanese were buying up America in the 1990ís (of course, they got stuck with a lot of over priced sky scrapers they canít sell for a profit anymore).

So, the Japanese own the West Coast, the Brits own the East Coast and now the Brits are selling their holdings to an Arab country. I suppose the Japanese will sell off their West Coast holdings to North Vietnam or North Korea or maybe to China.

This may sound funny (and as my tongue does stick out of me cheek a lot in print), but Iím serious. We donít run our own ports anymore? We sell off management to some other country? Then we go after Microsoft, a nice, American, Seattle based operation and try to break them up?

The question now arises, who runs our airports? Who runs our Navy? Who runs our Coast Guard? Who runs our air traffic control?

Are we going to outsource air traffic control to Pakistan or Afghanistan in the future? Those traffic controllers will certainly work for peanuts!

Hey, I got a great Idea. Letís outsource Congress! The Parliament of India or Bosnia or the new government in Iraq can run this country for a lot less money!! And that means PACs and Lobbyists will have to re-located overseas. Of course it also means you can bribe government officials with a BMW upgrade or some Falafel.

An even better idea! Letís outsource Homeland Security. The Binladen company might do a great job with that one!

If I get my vote on that one, Iíd much rather let Israel manage that, Iíd bet they do a far better job! Yeah, letís outsource Homeland Security to Israel and let their intelligence operations take charge.

What are our politicians doing and how come Congress didnít or doesnít have a say in this matter? What, the port authority doesnít answer to anyone? I thought the U.S. Government controlled all navigable waters! Doesnít that include ports?

Boy, the next thing Iíll learn is that the St. Lawrence Seaway is now controlled by Panama!

It isnít, is it?!


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