2006 Music Special

As we reported in the last year special the music industry is in an evolutionary change caused by technology. As legal downloads of music is now on the rise the staple of CDs (or what used to be called “records”) is still dropping. Will there be a “paperless” music industry? Probably not, but the amount of CDs pressed is certainly going to change...

Some things never change. The plight of the underground or struggling artist. For every Britney Spears or Eminem there are hundreds of artists actually carving out a living without much or any radio airplay and big push or fan-fare. These artists comprise the body mass of the music world, with small but dedicated followings they make ripples in the ocean of life and manage to get by. As in the past we focus on these bread and butter artists and this time we look at two women working in different areas of the same genre: Folk music. Carla Ulbrich works on the comic side and makes her ripples on venues like Dr. Demento. Grammy nominated Adrienne Young is on the country-pop side of the folk scene and involved in the plight of the small farm and farmer. While these artists won’t see a lot of paid downloads they do still sell “records” and will help to keep all the related businesses alive in the future as the major labels cut back on pressings and smaller artists. With luck and talent they may cross over into the mainstream

In past issues we tackled guitars, bass, drums, PA systems and this time we take a long look at keyboards, from the pipe organ right up to the Moog synthesizer.

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