The Tale of the Faerie

Upon the colored leaves of autumn, she dances,
Across floating lilies, she prances,
flits between the branches of trees,
and prowls beneath ferns - where nobody sees.

She laughs when raindrops fall,
and sings happily along with every bird's call.
She watches a Man passing her forest glade,
he is tall, he is handsome, and he bears a blade.

When he barks his stern commands,
she covers her wide eyes with her hands.
Arrows zip through the fading twilight,
flame-tipped... setting old, tall trees alight.

Across the glade rides the opposing force,
She sees that these too, are Men, of course.
All war with each other within the wooded dell,
turning her bit of heaven into a living Hell.

The blazes and hatred burn bright
many have fallen in this bitter fight.
From her hidden perch, she weeps and cries
over all of the death and destruction she spies.

The rain begins to pour heavily down,
Her Faerie eyes are full of tears and fixed in a frown...
The driving rain becomes the only sound,
mingling with the Faerie tears on the blood-soaked ground.

It is over as suddenly as it started,
The wounded dragging away the newly departed.
From the place she has chosen to hide,
she notices the first Man she has ever seen - has died.

She flits down softly to his side,
and tries to keep her red cheeks dried.
He is freezing cold, his eyes fixed in an icy stare,
peering sightlessly into the evening air.

She whispers softly as the sun finally fades its glow,
"What is wrong with Humans? Why do they hate each other so?"
She lofts skyward upon gossamer wings,
but this time, it is of sadness that she sings.

She turns from the ruined glade, for forests more green,
Where beings are gentle, and the Elves are kind, not mean.
She knew that time heals all, as people say,
But she was also aware that her innocence died this day.

She told her clan of the tragic tale,
and the Elder comforted those who began to wail.
"The Humans are still a young race," the Elder said,
"They havenít long until Nature takes them for dead."

"They are foolish to race off of the end of their life..."
"and allow a small disagreement to swell into pain and strife."
"Many of them fight, and / or kill each other,"
"complete stranger, lover, or sometimes brother against brother."

"In many eons, I have seen it all too often..."
"They should seek to understand each other, their moods would soften."
"They war over land, control, faith, and color of skin..."
"If they could only see that all of them are truly akin!"

"Come, my children," the Elder beckoned,
"We will be safe from Man's hate, here in the woods," the Elder reckoned.
And so they hide in the shadows of leaves unto this day
For Faerie immortality keeps them from fading away.

They wait for a day when the violence will finally cease,
and with that, usher in an age of kindness and peace.
Whether brotherhood of Man will emerge like the forest, strong and green,
Or simply exterminate each other completely remains to be seen.

The time, Human, has come to choose...
will the race of Humans thrive or lose?
The question is quite simple, thus:
"Will you live in harmony, or will you let hate consume us?"

She will know, and the Elder will too,
When, either way, peace becomes true...
For, with or without Man, in those soft, autumn nights,
Elves and woodland creatures alike will frolic, amid the Faerie lights.


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