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Astrology Tips

Did you know that the planet Saturn (Ruler of the sign Capricorn) rules the day Saturday. Saturn/Saturday make it easy to remember. Saturn is double sided. Depending on the moonís lunar position it will have two separate influences. Saturnís positive/waxing influence suggests a day of personal ambition, hard work and labor, governing the ambitions and is the greatest day for personal advancement. Most prefer this day off so they can do what they need or want to do. When the moon is waxing on Saturdays youíre more likely to complete your projects. Saturnís second or dark side appears when the moon is waning and influences the desires to over indulge in the physical pleasures, smoking, drinking and passions of all sorts. Saturn has the strongest dark side of all the planets and thus worth the mention. You could easily find yourself indulging in areas you would normally avoid. There are four hours on Saturdayís which are ruled by the planet Saturn. This ruling influence will increase the personal ambitions or desires and pleasures, depending on the moon phase. Saturnís ruling hours are one oíclock in the morning, eight oíclock in the morning, three oíclock in the afternoon and ten oíclock at night.

Aries May 21 - April 19

March - Aries needs to conserve their energy these next couple of weeks. Your love life is going to take off and youíll be busy dating and dating and dating. P.S. If youíre taken, plan for very cozy weekends. Keyword: Court

April - They say that all good things must come to an end. But for you this will be the opposite. Whatís ending for most this month will be your start.
Keyword: Commencement

Taurus April 20 - May 20

March - By the time you realize what happened it could be too late to make any changes. Stay on top and alert this month. It will take all your expertise to win this one.
Keyword: Encounter

April - An unexpected gift comes from just being there. Except this gift with grace. You can be sure there is more here than meets the eye. A new road is about to appear.
Keyword: Bounty

Gemini May 21 - June 21

March -When you play with the little boys and youíre late the guys all laugh. When you play with the big boys and youíre late, you get canned. Donít even question it. Many people will be relying on you this month, need anything more be said!
Keyword: Obligation

April - You may have to postpone a very important date. Surprise, surprise! Theyíll wait, they love you, they think youíre great! With one simple phone call, true love will be yours.
Keyword: Entreat

Cancer June 22 - July 22

March - Donít give them any more chances. Pack them up and send them on their way. There are better days coming for you and the sooner you free yourself of this masquerader the better. Keyword: Ersatz

April - You want to rely on yourself, but you need a little help. Let someone who cares help you get through this month and then repay them with a nice trip to Hawaii.
Keyword: Munificence

Leo July 23 - August 22

March - Is it the right time for you to spice up your routine? Not that you are boring anyone, but your talent is best noticed when you are strutting your stuff. So strut on big kitty and get the applause you so rightly deserve.
Keyword: Saunter

April - Someone has found the treasure map and X marks the spot to your heart. Beware of the one with mud on their shoes and a shovel in hand, they are just about to make their claim.
Keyword: Matrimony

Virgo August 23 - September 22

March - You may hear something whining at your door. Let it in, give it a bath and buy it a collar. Good friends are hard to come by!
Keyword: Companion

April - You will have a usual amount of power this month. Center on your goals and you should accomplish them all and prepare yourself for an explosive and rewarding upgrade.
Keyword: Points

Libra September 23 - October 22

March - All the battles of life canít be fought in one sitting. Prepare yourself with a strategy before itís too late. Once the scales are tipped your way, you can relax the rest of the way.
Keyword: Topple

April - A feeling of intense desire for a person you werenít previously attracted to is happening. The vibe is mutual. Loose this love and it will turn into a wild fire.
Keyword: Intoxication

Scorpio October 23 - November 21

March - Thereís a magic window inside your mind and if you open it you will find the key to your lovers heart. Open the window and blow a kiss to the wind and listen as it carries straight to their heart. Keyword: Cast

April - The carnival is in town and all the clowns are out and running around. Blend in and you wonít have to worry about interference with a certain situation.
Keyword: Potpourri

Sagittarius November 22 - December 21

March - A little one is too shy to ask for what they need. If you take them aside and tune in, you can count a bigger than usual hug and kiss.
Keyword: Hear

April - If you donít want flat tires, donít drive through streets with signs stating the roads are closed up ahead. If you can figure out this metaphor youíre going to have a great month
Keyword: Think

Capricorn December 22 - January 19

March - While you still have time, spend this month evaluating the essentials this year. This will probably be the only chance you have for along time to come
Keyword: Blueprint

April - Your popularity is about to go through the roof and you donít have time for unreliable equipment or people. If it doesnít work, replace it with something or someone that does.
Keyword: Steady

Aquarius January 20 - February 18

March - A deadline looms over your head and you surprise them all by an early showing. You will have time to develop a new idea before your competition. Your mental strength will astound this month. Keyword: Puissance

April - Youíre accused of thinking too far to the left when in reality youíre right on. Donít ignore your inner voice and youíll win the heart of someone watching.
Keyword: Discerning

Pisces February 19 - March 20

March - Dreams, signs, symbols and omens are the keys to this monthís path. Trust in them and you will embark on a magical journey you may not want to return from anytime soon.
Keyword: Enchantment

April - The winds of time will blow through your heart and through your hair. Free up some time for the rush of life ahead and buy a hat for those extra gusty breezes.
Keyword: Zephyr

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