U.N. Sexual Abuse Scandal

A report shows that many U.N. Troops and some civilian members from the United Nations have charges pending against them for sexual abuse of under age girls in Africa.

We’re talking girls age 12 and 13.

We’re talking out and out rape or bribery with milk and food in exchange for a tussle in the bushes between a grown, male U.N “peacekeeping” solider an a 12 year old African girl who is alone and starving and wants the food real bad so she “does it” just to get something to eat.

So, how come this didn’t make the front page of the NY Times with pictures? Did CBS do a network news special on this like they did on the U. S. Military abuses in Iraq?

Is this any less important? Does this speak highly of nations like France (one man who was a part of the U.N. operations was found to be making porn videos of underage children in Africa) – he was eventually jailed by French authorities. But, hey France. He’s one of yours! You know, there are just as many “Ugly” Frenchies as there are “Ugly” Americans!

It was also disclosed in a report that a decade ago Canadian and Italian soldiers tortured Somalians.

How ‘bout that! American soldiers don’t have a monopoly on abuse of people in other nations!

Isn’t that amazing. But what’s more amazing is the fine print on page 93 of section E in your local newspaper, which is where all this wonderful stuff ends up, while a few gag photos (and maybe some real ones) taken by U.S. Soldiers get the front page for most of a year!

And, hey, U.N.! Let’s not be so smug anymore about what the U.S. is doing in countries like Iraq. Your noses don’t seem to be much cleaner!

I’m not saying we’re all that perfect, but when push comes to shove people are people everywhere! Even in France! And sometimes people can be very bad...

Let’s remember that the next time we criticize. Let’s remember that your own kind could end up on the front pages a few months later doing things just as bad, if not worse!


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