A five or ten pound bag of potatoes can be a good, cheap investment in meal stretching. A large 10 pound bag is between $3 and $4 and can last a single person as much as a month or a family for a week or two. If you buy potatoes by the “each” you’ll pay this price for as little as 4 potatoes instead of getting dozens in a big cello bag!

Yea, it's a "carb" (ah..., that nasty new evil word)! And it is a hefty carb at that, but in normal size diet a moderate amount of any carb will not hurt you.

You can peel and cut up the potatoes an put them into stews. A few potatoes will stretch one or two pounds of meat into many meals for the single person and dinner with some seconds for a modest sized family.

When you cook hamburgers or fish filets, cut up some potatoes (un-peeled, fully peeled or partially peeled, based on your taste) and cook up some home fries. Right in the same pan as the burgers. Yes, it’s grease, yes it’s not exactly “healthful cooking” but if you do it only a few times a month it won’t kill you that much faster than smog in the air or PCBs in the water is already doing! If you really want to live healthier, then cook them separately in an oil that has no “trans fats.”

Peel them, cut them up into small cubes and you can make either potato salad or mashed potatoes!

For potato salad cook them only a short while, like 5 minutes or less at a rolling boil. Just until the inside tastes semi-cooked. Drain, wash in cool water and let them sit in a bowel or pan until they cool. Then cover them with mayonnaise, add salt and pepper to taste and anything else you’d like. I add a tad of mustard, a slice of chopped onion, a slice of chopped tomato, a half dill picket and maybe a hard boiled egg. Sometimes I cook up some ham or bacon pieces and chop these real fine and add a tad to the mix.

Stir it up and put it into the fridge covered with foil or plastic.

For mashed potatoes cook them until they start to crumble. Wash, then get a masher tool and throw in some milk and butter or margarine, along with a dash of salt until they come out all smooth and creamy.

For $4 a single person can create several different stretches for their meal over a given month of eating, while a family of 4 or 5 can do this for about a week. That’s a few pennies a day to increase your meal size with a somewhat thick carbohydrate. Just don’t over do it in this low carb world we now live in.


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