Music Special

This is our fourth year looking at the business of music, lesser known, up-and-coming, home grown and underground acts.

Starting with the acts we profile three from very different musical worlds, with a perspective of where they came from, what they are doing and who they are working with to get there, featuring Interscope artist Kathy Fisher (Pop-Rock), Revolutionary Records artist G-Spot (Punk-Rock) and Three Card Monte (Hard Rock)...

With more and more people able to record high quality music at home, the era of the big ticket recording studio may be slowly coming to a close, in fact two studios, one in Los Angeles and one in New York, recently closed. Today most of the work can be done at the artist's or producer's home in total comfort. You have the kitchen close at hand. A car in the drive way. You can take a breather and go out without worrying about what that studio time is costing you per hour. Final vocals and mixes can be done in a commercial studio with state of the art gear and a well tuned room. So, we take a look at the legacy of the home studio, plus...

We also look at decent quality microphones on the lower priced end including an end-user report on the SE5600. While still a bit much for some acts, a few of these mics are within easy reach of anyone and will deliver a sound far superior to what you are already getting now.

Next we come to the local and regional artists still unknown or not really that well known. Those far from the top 40 charts and what they are doing right now musically.

Finally there is our resources page updated for 2005 where you can find information on songwriting contests and compilation albums, plus places that can help promote your act!

Our 2005 Music Special continues with these offerings...

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