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The following are review requests made to us from these artists, some of whom are underground, some of whom are professionals working in the entertainment industry but not widely known for their musical venues. Biographical and PR materials are provided by each of the artists. We include a picture, sound clip and our own review of their material, which covers the musical spectrum from Jazz to R&B, to New Age, to Folk, to Rock to Avant Garde...

Carrie Landsgaard
Website Address:
Soundfile : landsgaard.m3u

Carrie Landsgaard, hailing from the Southland, has been performing with premiere Jazz Players in the Southern Californian area for ten years in top venues such as Disneyland's exclusive Club 33 (for the millennium celebration), Ritz Carlton - Palm Springs, The Wyndham Emerald Plaza Int'l Hotel - San Diego, the Four Season's Aviara - San Diego.

Her international credits include: The Foreign Correspondents Club and the "Oasis of Jazz" Concert in Hong Kong.



America's Most WantedPrincipal STF ProductionsFOX
Unsolved MysteriesPrincipal Cosgrove/MeurerNBC

Our review: Not bad, nice Jazz Ditties. She has a nice voice and a nice vibratto. Well produced, even a tad innovative with a rending of "I'm Going To Sit Right Down and Write Myself A Letter" that leaves out the key instruments for the first verse making it sound very avant garde.


Soundfile : lovememore.mp3

Description: Mariel makes up songs on her guitar and sings them.

Biography: Philadelphia based singer/songerwriter Mariel is currently working on her 5th CD. She has charted in CMJ and FMQB with her CD, The Darkest Angel.

Website Address: Mariel's Web Site

Our review: Has some potential. Her voice is interesting and the song is interesting, but it misses the mark at times. It made me think of Mary Ann Faithful from the late 1960's flower power era.

New South Jazz Orchestra
Website Address:
City: Birmingham
State: Alabama
Country: United States of America
MusicStyle: Jazz/Funk

Soundfile : harlemchaser.mp3

Description: The New South Jazz Orchestra was conceived by Shane Porter to display outstanding performance in Jazz & Education. As composer/arranger for the group, Shane is published by Warner Brothers Music & is avid performer/clinician throughout the U.S.

Biography: The NSJO, although a short history as an assembled group, has a long history of performing together. The core horn group of the NSJO is "The Tuscaloosa Horns" ( who have been one of Motown's top call horn lines since the mid 80s performing with groups such as The 4 Tops, Mary Wilson & The Supremes, The O'Jays, Levert & are on the latest Temptations recording "Awesome". Add a few more horn players, a rhythm section, incredible soloists & contemporary big band charts & you have the New South Jazz Orchestra. Each musician in the group has incredible performance and teaching credentials in the commercial genres of Jazz/Funk/R&B. Many of the members of the NSJO are among the top music/jazz educators in the Southeast region of the U.S. and have consistent performance and/or clinic schedules. With each member having vast musical differences and influences, the charts are all created with a member of the group in mind (much like "Duke" Ellington's compositional concept). For example the ferocity of Alto Sax soloist Mace Hibbard puts an exclamation point on the musical intensity of the opening track "Harlem Chaser". The arrangement of "Stompin' At The Savoy" would not have been possible if it weren't for Demondrae Thurman ( & Doug Bristol ( being world class Euphonium players as well as Tom Wolfe adding an incredibly lush & musical guitar solo before the melodic recap. To completely change styles from either of the previous tunes mentioned, Composer/Trombonist Chad Fisher brings an original small group tune that was blown up into a Hip-Hop/Funk big band chart. The fluidity of soloists Gary Wheat & Chad Fisher make this odd meter tune groove even harder.Aside from the Tuscaloosa Horns, many of the members of the NSJO are also involved in their own groups; Jimmy Bowland (comp. "Soul Pie" & Tenor Sax) has completed two CDs with "The Rigby/Bowland Project" (, Mace Hibbard heads up the "Mace Hibbard Quartet" (, Chad Fisher (comp. "At Home" & Trombone) leads the "Chad Fisher Group" (, Gary Wheat is a founding member of Meteorite (, Tom Wolfe heads up his trio with the his current release "Simple Peace", and Vocalist Annie McClendon has two releases out with Annie & The Mood Swings. The NSJO focuses on entertaining Jazz/Big Band music while keeping the integrity of the artform. The group is highly entertaining, energetic & professional.

Our Review: Hot sax solo. Great brass sound, a little like those of Neal Hefti or Doc Severensen arrangements, to a degree (as opposed to that Les Brown sound). Hot trumpet solo. Drums that sound like a cross between Shelly Manne and Traps.

If you like a really good big band sound, check these guys out.

Sound Clip

Irrational Fear
Website Address:

State: KY
Country: USA

MusicStyle: Alternative Folk Rock

Soundfile : Their Song Clip

Description: Irrational Fear's unique sound blends elements of Alternative rock, acoustic folk, and the abandon of Punk, to create a sound that is fresh, slightly off center and never generic!

Biography: Irrational Fear's unique sound blends elements of Alternative rock, acoustic folk, and the abandon of Punk, to create a sound that is fresh, slightly off center and never generic! From the night they met and simultaneously quoted the same Pretenders lyric, Lynn Elliott and Rebecca Reed knew that they had made a connection and found common ground ~ Music. Reed was looking for a voice capable of capturing the vision of her songs. Elliott was seeking a writer capable of sparking her interest and her selective musical taste. Reed's somewhat unorthodox writing style became the perfect vehicle for Elliott's remarkable voice. Lynn Elliott, an accomplished singer/guitarist has been performing as a vocalist since age 11. It is obvious when seeing the band in person as Elliott turns on the charm. She entices the audience with her smooth voice, confidence, and ease. Never failing to inspire, Rebecca Reed's passion for life rings true through her music and words. Reed has become quite prolific, writing forthright, thought provoking songs that never fail to touch the listener. Reed was recently honored by being voted one of Louisville's best songwriters in the 2003 LEO Reader's Choice Awards. Irrational Fear is touring regionally in support of their new CD Closer to Daylight. They recently performed in Chicago IL., at Austin, TX's famed Continental Club, at Houston TX's Rhythm Room for the GoGirls Music Showcase, Baton Rouge, and New Orleans LA. In New Orleans, Irrational Fear played a set at Snug Harbor backed by The Charmaine Neville Band and subsequently were asked to sit in on a couple of numbers with Ms. Neville.Irrational Fear has opened for such diverse acts as Mojo Nixon at the Continental Club in Austin, and nationally touring artist Glenn Phillips in Louisville, Kentucky. To date, Irrational Fear has 2 recordings, a 3 song EP and a full length CD, which have both earned them some respectable accolades. Louisville station WLRS 105.1 featured Irrational Fear on the KY Fried Radio Hour where the band's tune "Excuse Me" was voted the third most requested song by listeners over a six week period. Laney Goodman, Fem Music Guru and Host/Producer of the nationally syndicated radio program, Women In Music, wrote the band personally to say "You all rock!" and that she would be featuring all three cuts from the EP for her new show on her Internet radio station, as well as at ear X-tacy Records ( and Better Days Records in Louisville.

Our review: Eh... G-spot they ain't. Neither are they 3rd Eye Blind, Green Day or Nirvana. More like so-so Go Go's or Bangles.

The harmony vocals and part of the bass line got a little to trite for me. The vocalist is ok.

Kisha Griffin
Website Address:

City: San Francisco
State: Ca
Country: USA

MusicStyle: Neo Soul/R&B

Soundfile : kisshermusic-01.m3u

Description: Bay Area Neo Soul/R&B that jumps out and grabs ya. Think Heather Headley, Toni Braxton,En Vogue then you got KISHa. All song vocals, lyrics and melodies, written and preformed by "Kisha"

Biography: Kisha- The Early Years Kisha Griffin has been dazzling live audiences since she was a young girl. From a family of vocalists, Kisha sang in both school and at church as a young girl. In her early teens, she began performing in musicals and at local concerts all around the Bay Area. By age 13, Kisha had established herself as a professional vocalist in the recording studio, notching numerous album credits. What initially began as a family hobby for Kisha soon became a professional music aspiration. Kisha quickly became one of the most sought-after backup vocalists in the San Francisco/Bay Area. Kisha "The Vocalist Kisha Griffin is an experienced singer whose sassy, savvy contralto (her voice was classified as contralto, she can sing the high soprano notes and the low baritone notes), the voice that is changing the face of R&B. Kisha began her professional music career as a backup singer for many local acts and national touring performers including Daniel Winans, Narada Michael Walden. Kisha has an impressive resume, working along side of such esteemed artists as Angie and Debbie Winans, Julie Dexter, Amel Larrieux, Goapele and on Ledisi's Soul Singer UK Tour. In addition, Kisha's luscious vocals can be heard on various recording projects, including the Braxton Brothersï’ single "Stop Saying That", Tevin Campbell's," Donï’t Throw It All Away", Rasco's single, "All I Wanna Be", as well as several songs on Varetta Heidelberg's latest project. But it wasnï’t until Kisha's third performance of singing the National Anthem at Pac-Bell Park for the San Francisco Giants did she realize it was her time to step to the forefront and begin a solo career. Kisha began performing at various clubs around the Bay Area, giving approving audiences samples of her own written material. Kisha's sound can best be described as unique, bold, sophisticated and melodic, driven by today's urban soul and funk. Kisha "The Songwriter In 1992, Kisha began what would be to be, a gift for songwriting. Originally known as a talented and experienced vocalist, Kisha's current notoriety is also that of a remarkable songwriter and vocal arranger. Collaborating with musicians, Kisha finds writing lyrics to be an extension of the passion she experiences when singing. With countless songs in her catalogue, Kisha is a highly recognized asset to any artist recording a project. With writing credits for such artists as En Vogue, Lenny Kravitz and Rasco, Kisha's songwriting can also be heard on the song, "Loving You", for the motion picture, "Deliver Us From Eva". Kisha "The Future Kisha likes to stay in the studio, writing and recording new material. With a plethora of producers lobbying to work with her, Kisha continues her work as a background singer while carefully preparing for her future as a solo artist. Musically gifted well beyond her years, Kisha Griffin is the type of artist who makes everything, look easy. Music comes natural to her, and she's now ready to share her fresh, new and exciting style with an eager audience. So get ready for good music for years to come from this diva in the making. "Kisha Griffin is sure to be a giant in the music industry".

Our Review: Very good voice, that makes me think a little of Christina Aguellera and to a degree Alicia Keys. This is a dandy ditty that sounded a lot like an inner cut off a TLC album. This girl has a good voice, decent writing skills and acceptable production behind her (imagine what Dallas Austin would make her sound like!?).

Linn Brown
Website Address:
City: Oakland
State: CA
Country: USA
MusicStyle: singer/songwriter

Soundfile : Love_vs_Disaster.mp3

Description: I am a songwriter from the old-school, and was influenced by Laura Nyro, Carole King and Joni Mitchell. I sing and play the piano. I am influenced by the songwriters of the 60's and 70's, and by keyboardists such as Les McCann, Keith Jarrett, and Richard Tee. I write often and have an impressive catalog of songs. I perform 4 or 5 times a year.

Our review: I can hear the Carole King in her voice (Laura Nyro? Gimme a break, Linn's not that obscure! Joni Mitchell? Linn's not that stylized.), but the songwriting and performance on this cut is more like Sara McLaughlin and the production is subtle like a McLaughlin ballad. Her piano playing is great, better than McLaughlin's, but her voice is a tad shy of Sara (of course a lot of voices fall shy of Sara). I especially loved the harmony vocals that came in once and only once. Her production shows good refrain. The ocean sounds were nice, as was the low synth type sounds and drums.

She could garner a cult following and with the right song go mainstream.

Cari Cole
Website Address:
City: New York
State: NY
Country: US

MusicStyle: adult contemporary

Soundfile : BeautifulHi0801.mp3

Description: Chick music that soothes the soul and lifts the spirit... "music for our times"... Acoustic electric pop/folk/jazz with lyrics that inspire and console... Sonically crystal vocals over electric & acoustic guitars, piano, violin, drums and percussion?"A world-class vocalist", CIM Radio..

Biography: CARI COLE News* Cari Cole's song "Beautiful Life" joins the Grammy 2004 Nominations Ballot for the Best Female Pop Vocal Performance! 3000 records sold! National distribution by New Leaf and Baker & Taylor. "Beautiful Life" the lead track on Circle of Fire wins honorable mention in Songprize 2004 Contest! "A world~class vocalist!", Peter Su, CIM Radio "One of the most promising voices I've heard in a long time.." Mike James, Smooth Jazz Radio "I rotate three CD's in my CD changer; Norah Jones' Come Away With Me, Eva Cassidys' Songbird and Cari Coles' Circle of Fire!" Kelly Steele, a fan Cari Cole is the voice of a new beginning. A singer-songstress and spiritual poet, she is the creator and avatar of a revolutionary music that redefines the true power of song. Her debut CD, "The Circle of Fire" has been described as 'transformational music' or music that heals. Cari Cole is the voice of a soul on fire with a mighty love, whose work embraces the deepest recesses of the heart of the listener and remains long after the music has stopped. A former soloist in The Metro Mass Choir of New York City, Cari has performed extensively on stages such as Carnegie Hall, Town Hall, and The Apollo Theatre. Originally from Minneapolis, she has been making music for most of her life. Her early beginnings led her from Hawaii to NYC, performing and collaborating with several well known NY bands. Most widely recognized for her exquisite artistry as a vocalist, she is also a composer and a versatile musician on piano, acoustic and electric guitars, dulcimer, and flute. In the teaching arts, she is regarded as one of the most notable for voice studies, working with four time Grammy Award winning recording artist Donald Fagen among others. In 2000, Cari's life and career took a dramatic turn upon reading the NY Times bestseller "The Four Agreements" by don Miguel Ruiz. The work spoke deeply to her. She committed herself entirely to the journey of her personal evolution and delved into a two year apprenticeship with don Miguel, from which a new music and an album was born. Songs began to pour forth, giving musical shape to the transformation that Cari was experiencing in her spiritual studies. A body of music entitled "The Circle of Fire" came into being as a result. Produced by Cari and her husband Paul St. James, the record is an expression of love and testimony to 'the vision of a new dream' given voice through song. Cari Cole was selected as the AOL Musician of the Week in July 2002. She has shared the stage with legendary artists such as Cissy Houston and Martha Wash to name a few and has performed on numerous recordings. "The Circle of Fire" is her first official CD release, soon to be available in stores and presently selling over the internet to an enthusiastic and ever growing national audience passionate for its message and healing that it brings. Influenced over the years by classic songwriters like Joni Mitchell and Carole King, Cari's music transcends category and extends beyond boundaries to reach a wide and diverse following of people from all walks of life. A distinctly powerful and charismatic live performer she has played the stages of Carnegie Hall and Town Hall in support of the record and is now currently writing for the recording her second record.



Cari Cole places as a Finalist in the 4th Annual Independent Music Awards 2005!

New York, NY ~ January 11, 2005

Established in 1999 by Music Resource Group, the Independent Music Awards is a unique program open to all indie artists and labels. Unlike other industry contests and competitions, the IMAs focus is on developing new markets for indie artists, labels and releases. The IMAs offer artists and independent releases the opportunity to be he heard by millions of music fans and industry contacts around the world. Winners and finalists are promoted in print, broadcast and online media. Additionally, millions of music fans and industry pros are directed to an online jukebox featuring the winning songs, artist bios, album purchase and contact information. A CD compilation featuring the winning music is also distributed to thousands of music fans and influential professionals. Visit the IMA Jukebox online at IMA Jukebox Link(scroll down to Disc 4) to listen! IMA finalists are judged solely on their artistic merit and are selected by a panel of established artists and industry professionals. Winner and finalists of the 4th annual Independent Music Awards will be featured in the 2005 edition of The Musician's Atlas, read by music press, talent buyers, promoters and other industry insiders.

First time indie Amber Allen Publishing in San Francisco distributes Cole’s record with New Leaf Distributors. The record project was taken under their wing by Amber Allen president Janet Mills as it was a collection inspired by their NY Times bestselling book title The Four Agreements. This vocal and melodic treasure has impressed industry and fans alike nearing 4000 in sales winning International songwriting competitions and heralding placement on the 2004 Grammy nominations ballot in 2004 for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance.

"A world~class vocalist!", Peter Su, CIM Radio
"One of the most promising voices I've heard in a long time.." Mike James, Smooth Jazz Radio
“I love it!” Lee Abrahms/Chief Programming Director, XM Radio,
"I rotate three CD's in my CD changer; Norah Jones' Come Away With Me, Eva Cassidys' Songbird and Cari Coles' Circle of Fire!" Kelly Steele, VA

Our review: Now this girl comes closer to Sara McLaughlin in the voice range (but still a tad shy).

Heavy 12 string guitars, good production, nice harmonies. The song is a bit like a Sara Song.

This girl has a very nice voice, well written and nicely produced folkish song. The drums could be a bit hotter.

If you live near NYC and want to catch her show:

Date Venue City State Start Time Mon 3/21/2005 Crash Mansion New York NY 6:45 p.m. sharp!

Fri 3/25/2005 The Baggot Inn New York NY 7:15 p.m. sharp!

2004 ASCAP Plus award winner, 2004 Independent Music Awards Finalist, 2004 IAMA Best Female Artist finalist, 2004 Grammy Nominations Ballot for BEST FEMALE POP VOCAL PERFORMANCE, “Featured Artist” at, an AOL Musician of the Week/ and GEMS/NY artist panelist, CARI COLE is an indie label artist/singer-songwriter released by first time indie, Amber Allen Publishing from San Rafael, CA. Cari Cole’s record Circle of Fire was inspired by the NY Times bestseller, The Four Agreements and captured the attention of The Four Agreements publisher Janet Mills. Cole was featured in Disc Makers Fast Forward newsletter for her unique marketing approach penned as an “Inspirational Marketer” appealing to the 3 million-reader audience of don Miguel Ruiz. The record is distributed by New Leaf and is nearing 4000 in record sales.

Called “a world-class singer” by Peter Su of CIM Radio, Coles’ voice has a stunning sonic crystal sound reminiscent of the likes of Karen Carpenter and Eva Cassidy while reminding us of singers like Sarah McLachlan and Dido. “Cari Cole has one of the most beautiful voices I’ve ever heard”, says a fan from San Diego; “One of the most promising voices I’ve heard in a long time” says Mike James of Smooth Jazz Radio. Fans, radio and industry around the world talk about the stellar sonic resonance of her voice and the soft beauty of her music. “Cari possesses a happiness in her writing that is not often found in today's world where it seems record companies have an easier time marketing angry, bitter music. It is refreshing to find that there are still people out there writing music of love and hope for a better future”, Dennis Halsey, “The Circle of Fire is music for our times”, Maureen Neville WJFF; “Music that heals”, AOL Musician of the Week/, “Transformational music”, EsMedia and Publicity. "Cari's music inspires us to live the vision of a new dream: the dream of heaven on earth.” don Miguel Ruiz, New York Times bestselling author of The Four Agreements. “The Circle of Fire embraces a wide audience with songs that are both universal and deeply personal all at once. It is a record that speaks to all time, but to our time especially now. The CD’s title song is a musical composition created for The Circle of Fire prayer written by Toltec master don Miguel Ruiz. It is a call to our divinity and a call to dream, resonating back to ourselves like a great divining rod towards the road back to ourselves and each other. The Circle of Fire CD is an opus of love and Cari Cole is it’s ‘soul singer’, with a music that transforms the listener like gold through flame, in songs of heaven on earth.” EsMedia and Publicity.

Cole’s most recent performances include an invitation to perform at the Nashville New Music Conference at the legendary Bluebird Café in September 2004 and the Durango Songwriters Expo in Telluride in October 2004.

A former soloist in The Metro Mass Choir of New York City, Cari has performed at Carnegie Hall, Town Hall, and The Apollo Theatre and has shared the stage with legendary singers such as Cissy Houston and Martha Wash to name a few.

Originally from Minneapolis, Cari Cole has been a musician and songwriter for most of her life, exploring a variety of musical endeavors through her early beginnings - performing, leading, and collaborating with several well-known New York bands. Although she is best known as a vocalist and songwriter, Cari is also a versatile musician: playing piano, acoustic and electric guitars, dulcimer, and flute. In the teaching arts, she is regarded as one of the most notable in voice studies, working with four time Grammy Award winning recording artist Donald Fagen among others.

In 2000, Cari’s life and work took a dramatic turn upon reading the teachings of Toltec Shaman don Miguel Ruiz, author of the NY Times bestseller "The Four Agreements". Knowing that the heart of her music was in her own evolution, she delved into an apprenticeship with don Miguel, from which an album and a new music was inspired. A composition written to the words of Miguel’s ’The Circle of Fire Prayer’ seeded the musical journey to come. "These songs began to pour forth, one right after the other. It was like someone turned on a fountain," says Cole. "As the material began to manifest, it was clear that a record was in the making."

"The Circle of Fire" CD was produced by producer/husband Paul St James. “The Circle of Fire” is rich in instrumental texture but beautifully spacious, honoring the integrity of its songwriting, which is as timeless as groundbreaking works like Carole King’s “Tapestry” or Joni Mitchell’s “Blue. Producer Paul St. James has created a definitive soundscape for a music that transcends trend and a record that is highly accessible while remaining true to its authenticity and intent. Rooted by Cari’s exquisite piano, acoustic guitar and gorgeous vocals, and sculpted by the fretless bass work of Paul St. James and Larry Saltzman’s ambient guitars, the CD hosts a spectrum of musical color in arrangements of violin, native American flute, and melodic drums and percussion that flow throughout. “I wanted to write music that would take me to the state I was reaching for in moments. To open the door to enlightenment, music of grace."

Cole has recorded and performed extensively since the release of the record and is currently back in the studio songwriting and recording for the next record. The word on the street says the new songs take the music from Circle of Fire to a whole new place! Stay tuned.. much more to come..

Cari has performed at the following venues among many others:
Carnegie Hall, NYC
Town Hall, NYC
The Apollo Theatre, NYC
Shine, NYC
Columbia University, NYC
The Bitter End, NYC
CB’s Gallery, NYC
Le Bar Bat, NYC
Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY
The Bluebird, Nashville
Asilomar Retreat Center, Pacific Grove, CA
Center at The Peaks, Telluride, CO
The Center for Happiness, Carlsbad, CA
The Spindrifter, Kona, Hawaii
William’s Pub, Minneapolis, MN


MarshalArtz Web Site

Our review: Ok acoustic guitar duo with some nice slide and harmonica playing. They're tight and the singing is good. Some of the guiar licks are a little trite.

They win awards and open for name acts.

I love the name MarshalArtz (that's their real names, too, one is Marshall and the other ir Artz)...!

Peter Puma Hedlund
Website Address:
City: Iste, Vallsta
State: Halsingland
MusicStyle: Swedish traditional folk

Soundfile : trotthet.mp3

Description: Peter Puma Hedlund is the foremost exponent of the Swedish nyckelharpa in the world today. A composer and one of the main forces in the revival of the nyckelharpa and its music, he is both a sought after performance artist and a respected instructor on this unusual traditional folk instrument.



Lahaska, PA, September 1, 2004 -- Peter Puma Hedlund, Sweden's brilliant nyckelharpa master (twice world champion, in 1992 and 2000), recently released his CD Another Way. Peggy Latkovich of RootsWorld writes, “If anyone is going to come close to grabbing what little acclaim there is to playing nyckelharpa, it's Peter Puma Hedlund. His technique is confident, his tone and phrasing sure-footed.

The nyckelharpa is a traditional Swedish instrument that has been played, in one form or another, for more than 600 years and just barely escaped extinction in the mid-1900s. Interest in the nyckelharpa and its music has exploded all over the world in recent years, primarily in the USA, but also in Japan, France, England, Canada and Italy.

Hedlund is the foremost exponent of the nyckelharpa in the world today. A composer and one of the main forces in the revival of the nyckelharpa and its music, he is a well respected and sought after instructor as well as performance artist on this unusual traditional folk instrument. Peter’s CDs are released on the independent label RPM Music which he started together with Rita Leydon, a Swedish born American, who also co-produces Peter’s instuctional DVDs.

What sets Peter apart from the rush of younger Swedish harpa players is that he’s not trying to appeal to anyone, Leydon explains, “he simply remains true to his roots and his music while at the same time expanding and evolving. The music is so lovely and his skill at presenting it is so exceptional that it needs no embellishing, no dressing up, no gimmicks.” Genevieve Williams ( observes that although playing the nyckelharpa requires “as much technical discipline as classical music, it consistently gives the impression of being about to slip out of control, which makes it exciting. ... “ Hedlund’s technical skill enables him to walk this fine line with apparent ease and also allows him to range all over the stylistic map. Western ears can readily relate to and understand the nyckelharpa’s sound and Peter’s music. Many first time listeners muse that the sound seems familiar even though they have never heard it before.

Our review: Interesting instrument. It sounds a little like a fiddle and looks like a sitar. This cut is a traditional sounding old style folk song.

Rebecca Kyler Downs
Website Address:
City: Los Angeles
State: CA
Country: USA

MusicStyle: jazz/swing

Soundfile : rkdowns-01.m3u

Description: Lush vocals, superb arrangements and classic beauty are only part of what Rebecca Kyler Downs brings to the stage. She creates an intimate, late-night supper-club feel in every venue she plays. She is equally comfortable singing in French, Spanish, Portuguese or English and liberally sprinkles her shows with songs written in all of these languages. With her elegant appearance, trademark red satin gloves and rich throaty voice, she brings glamour, romance and elan to the stage.

Biography: Rebecca hit the Billboard Jazz charts last year with her French and English vocals on Steve Reid's smooth Jazz CD Dream'Scapes.ï Long known as one of the two beautiful girl singers with Red and the Redhots, she has sung all over the US and Europe, been featured on national television, including Everybody Loves Raymond and The New Donny and Marie Show, and was spotlighted with them in Vogue Magazine with Leonardo Di Caprio.ï Her original songs have been featured on several TV and movie soundtracks including the hit TV Show Roswell, the William Macy/Alec Baldwin movie The Cooler and Down With Love. She also won the 2002 Silver Mike Award. She is a popular voice-over artists, and she recently appeared in the short-lived series Robbery Homicide Division with Tom Sizemore.


Rebecca Kyler Downs


"ï…fact is, Love Me Like Candy is the best song I've heard on a soundtrack in a long time..." FMOTW


Lush jazz vocalist Rebecca Kyler Downs, is featured both in the film soundtrack and on the soundtrack CD of The Cooler, singing her own song, Love Me Like Candy.**

Love Me Like Candy is the only original song featured in the soundtrack outside of the melodies composed for the sountrack by its scorer Mark Isham. Other artists on the soundtrack include Diana Krall, Bobby Caldwell, Joey Fatone and Tierney Sutton.

"Anyone who has fallen under the spell of Diana Krall or any of the many Krall wannabes currently doing the rounds but would like something with rather a lot more sass, swing and sheer joy of music making should look no further ï…Let's hope there's more soon, but meanwhile this is the real thing from the hottest jazz singer since, and we mean this is the nicest way, Jessica Rabbit." GARY DALKIN, FILM MUSIC ON THE WEB

Love Me Like Candy is the title song from the debut CD from Rebecca Kyler Downs. Featuring velvety jazz vocals, enticing Latin rhythms and full-on swing, this CD is a blend of original songs and classic standards with a new twist. Rebecca Kyler Downs delivers lush vocals and flawless musicianship along with some of the best jazz cats Los Angeles has to offer.

"This lady can really sing..." LA JAZZ SCENE

"A true pleasure, Rebecca Kyler Downs' Love Me Like Candy is a modern masterpiece that blends sultry vocals with near perfect jazzï…" JOE WOODS, ATOMIC MAGAZINE

"Candy' by Rebecca Kyler Downs will have you stripteasing for that special someone in your life. It oozes sex-appealï…" Emily Blunt -

** Love Me Like Candy was re-published as Candy, specifically for The Cooler

About Rebecca and Rick

"This lady can really sing"
- LA Jazz Scene

Lush vocals and superb arrangements are the trademarks of all of the bands lead by vocalist/songwriter Rebecca Kyler Downs. She creates a late-night, supper-club feel in every venue she plays. She is equally comfortable singing in French, Spanish, Portuguese or English, and she liberally sprinkles her shows with songs written in all of these languages. With her elegant appearance, trademark red satin gloves and rich, throaty voice she brings glamour, romance and elan to the stage.

She co-leads her outstanding dance-band with her partner, grammy-nominated saxophone player Rick Rossi. Often with as many as seven vocalists, this high-energy, hard-rocking band features the cream of the LA studio and club scene; four horns, a four-piece rhythm section, additional percussion and three vocalists out front.

Rebecca hit the Billboard Jazz charts this year with her French and English vocals on Come Fly Away on Steve Reid's smooth Jazz CD Dream'Scapes. Long known as one of the two beautiful girl singers with Red and the Redhots, she has sung all over the US and Europe, been featured on national television and was spotlighted with them in Vogue with Leonardo Di Caprio. Her original songs have been featured on several TV and movie soundtracks including the hit TV Show Roswell , the upcoming William Macy/Alec Baldwin movie The Cooler and Down With Love. She won the 2002 Silver Mike Award. She is a popular voice-over artists and you have heard her voice on many a Lexxus commercial as well as on Cd-Roms such as Warcraft (I, II, III) and Heretic (I & II), and she recently appeared in the short-lived series Robbery Homicide Division with Tom Sizemore.

Rick has been twice nominated for a Grammy, toured the world with major acts, including Brian Setzer, Bobby Womack and Bobby Caldwell. He has appeared in numerous television shows and movies, including Friends, West Wing, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, David Letterman, Regis and Kathie Lee, Conan O'Brian, MTV, VH-1 and Good Morning America and was featured on the Grammy-Award winning multi-platinum CD The Dirty Boogie.

The players in all of their bands have been drawn from a pool of talented professionals from the Los Angeles area; including members of The Tonight Show Orchestra, other members of The Brian Setzer Orchestra (not just Rick) and Royal Crown Revue. Between the members of this band is an impressive list of some the most popular jazz and pop artists today with whom they have worked, including Frank Sinatra, Stevie Wonder, Herbie Hancock, Babyface, Shakira, Cher, Wynton Marsalis and Ray Charles.

"The hottest jazz singer
since Jessica Rabbit."
- Gary Dalkin, Film Music on the Web

Our review: Good credentials, nice voice in the old-fashioned TV variety show style.

Frank Macchia
Website Address:
City: Burbank
State: CA
Country: USA
MusicStyle: Jazz, World, New Age

Soundfile : Animals%20-%20Dolphins.mp3

Description: Frank Macchia is a composer and multi-instrumentalist who creates jazz/world music with lots of colorful sounds and unique melodies and harmonies. His music is eclectic and always surprising.

Biography: Born and raised in San Francisco, CA., Frank Macchia started on the clarinet at the age of ten years old. Soon afterward he began studies on bassoon, saxophone and flute. By the age of fourteen he began studying composition, writing jazz and classical pieces for his high school band and orchestra and for jazz ensembles that rehearsed at the local union hall, including trumpeter Mike Vax's Big Band.? In 1975-76 Frank wrote jazz/classical hybrid works that were performed by the San Francisco Symphony and local professional jazz musicians at the Summer Music Workshop Programs, and he composed and conducted an orchestral overture for his high school graduation ceremony. During this time period he also performed and arranged music for contemporary dance bands in the Bay Area.? In 1976 Frank attended Berklee College of Music, studying woodwinds with Joseph Viola, Joe Allard, Steve Grossman and composition/arranging with Herb Pomeroy, Phil Wilson, Greg Hopkins, Tony Texiera, and Ken Pullig. From 1976-80 he performed and composed for the top student ensembles as well as performing with his own ensembles. He received a National Endowment Grant for the Arts to compose a 90 minute continuous jazz/classical suite for large ensemble. He also won Down Beat magazine's DB award for original big band composition in 1979. After graduating with a degree in traditional composition, Frank taught at Berklee at the tender age of 20, as well as performed throughout the New England area with his 8-piece fusion group, 'Booga-Booga'. In 1981 Frank moved back to the San Francisco area where he continued working as a musician and composer/arranger over the next ten years, performing concerts with such artists as Ella Fitzgerald, Rita Moreno, Tony Bennett, Jack Jones, Clare Fischer, Chuck Mangione, and the Temptations, to name a few. He performed with local groups such as The Bay Area Jazz Composers Orchestra, Mike Vax's Great American Jazz Band, Royal Street, the Dick Bright Orchestra and the Melotones. He also led his own original groups, including The Gleets, Desperate Character and The Frankie Maximum Band. In 1989 he recorded Introducing Frankie Maximum, an eclectic CD that showcased original material in a variety of styles, from new wave to polka. He followed that with the CD Frankie Maximum Goes Way-er Out West, a wild romp through traditional cowboy folksongs, done with new treatments (Ringo as a hip-hop jazz tune!?). This 1991 album received much critical praise including being named one of the top ten albums of the year by the Oakland Tribune In 1991 Frank toured Germany performing in productions of West Side Story and 42nd Street, and when that tour was over, he found himself in Los Angeles, where he has remained ever since. Since 1992 he has worked as a composer/orchestrator on many films and television projects, including, Miracle, X2-Xmen United, Men of Honor, Eight Legged Freaks, Ghosts of the Abyss, Austin Powers:Goldmember, The Contender, The Apt Pupil, Santa Clause 2, and television shows Night Visions, Nickelodeon's Oh Yeah Cartoons, Disney's Oliver Twist, and the Tonight Show. In 2003 he completed his latest CD, The Galapagos Suite, a six movement suite based on the animals of the Galapagos Islands, where he and his wife Tracy recently visited. A new CD, "Animals" is in production for 2004 release, featuring Frank on multi-woodwinds and a roster of some of Los Angeles best musicians.He lives in Burbank, CA with his wife and son Charlie.



Take a journey through a wildlife paradise as Animals creates Jazz/World Fusion impressions of exotic animals from around the world. From the lush habitat of the Jaguars in the Amazon Rain Forest to the isolated terrain of the Lone Wolf, this compact disc composed and produced by Frank Macchia captures the spirit of these wonderful creatures, along with brilliant solo performances by such jazz heavyweights as Mark Isham, Billy Childs, and Vinnie Colaiuta.

A follow up to his critically acclaimed Galapagos Suite of 2003, Animals features Macchia on saxophone, flutes, clarinets, ethnic flutes and synthesizers. Says Cadence Magazine of The Galapagos Suite, "Macchiaï‚s coloristic sense brings to mind the best of Gil Evans, with a palette that extends the comparison even further."

Macchia has worked with Van Dyke Parks, Ella Fitzgerald, Brian Wilson, Clare Fisher, Yes, and the Tonight Show Band; composed and orchestrated on numerous films and television shows and was the recipient of a National Endowment Grant for Jazz Arts. So, whether it makes you feel the Hippos waddling in the water, Gorillas bounding through the jungle, or Dolphins dancing through the sea, this collection of songs is a zoological jazzfest for the ears.

Animals is currently available at,, and and retails for $13.98.

CACOPHONY, INC. 1801 North Lima Street, Burbank, California 91505

Our review: Nice credits and piano playing. Interesting, his using the human voice as a horn or reed instrument.

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