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Just another love story?
by Lance Vermont

Another love story about a matchmaker who meets his match and falls in love, all quite by accident, of course. Alex 'Hitch' Hitchens (Will Smith) is the date doctor. He fixes the little mistakes men make in getting women's attention long enough to get a date. Then he meets Albert who just happens to be in love with a rich girl whose money is handled by Albert's firm.

Albert (Kevin James of 'The King of Queens') is a regular guy who goes to the date doctor to get help. Hitch puts him through his paces and the magic works. She (Amber Valletta) notices that Albert is very different and yet a dopey lovable goof.

His catch phrases: "Any man has a chance to sweep any woman off her feet," and "Life is not how many breaths you take, it's how many moments take your breath away," work until he finds the one woman (Eva Mendes) who takes his breath away. He realizes that she is the one and makes him forget the one who got away.

She turns out to be a gossip journalist who tries to find this elusive 'date doctor' not realizing he is the same guy she is starting to fall in love with.

The comedy turns on high when the truth comes out. With the first date, when he knocks her in the head and into the water…then the second date when he has an allergic reaction…he tries to have a third romantic date at his place. He is not aware, unfortunately, that she now knows he is the date doctor. The same man who hooked her girlfriend up with a slime ball. Or so she thinks!

This is a cute funny date movie. Worth the popcorn and soda, but hold the nachos.


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