Global Warming
The Murder of Mother Nature?

That’s what some scientists are saying and their ranks are growing with each new research study.

The culprit is “global warming” which could be a paradox or oxymoron as one of the side effects these scientists are talking about is that Europe is going to freeze because of the warming. Oh, well, who fully understands science!

But, the scientists tell us that the effects of global warming is hurting other areas. Greenland (which is currently white and could actually turn green), the Arctic and Antarctic. Some are also blaming things like the recent Tsunami on global warming, the mass death of migrating birds who couldn’t see their prey because of plankton in the water is also being linked, the recent snowfalls in the Sierra Nevada mountains and heavy rains in California that caused mud slides, unseasonably hot weather in England and France which killed people and the lack of snow or early seasonal warming such as we seen in the North East this year (where we had only two major snow storms, followed by 40 and 50 degree weather and warm rains which washed it all away by mid-February – hardly a cold winter for New York).

What is the cause of all this? Some say it is the “industrial age” which began in the late 1800s making England black with soot from coal burning plants, along with the auto industry that has provided the state of California (population 30 million) with over 50 million registered vehicles (that’s almost two per person), although California has the toughest air standards in the world.

A friend of mind took a cruise to Alaska and told me that you could see “smog” everywhere – even though Alaska has the lowest population of any state in the U.S. with fewer cars than almost every other state.

On any given day from the Hudson river bridges I can see “smog” shrouding the hills of Troy, NY and Latham, NY (population in the two country Albany-Rennsselear area is only about 600,000), just like I saw smog on the hills of the San Fernando Valley in Southern California. Oh, not quite as bad. In California the hills vanish altogether on given days, that never happens in New York, but you can still see the “haze” on the hills, despite the strong breeze from the river area.

In an effort to halt this century long process the world community has recently enacted a treaty or set of accords to roll back and curb emissions to a given level by the year 2012, the only problem with this is the biggest offender, the United States, is not a party to this treaty because China and India (two populous nations which few cars or business per capita) are exempt from the provisions. Australia has also not joined (because the U.S. and China aren't a part of the accords).

Both India and China should be under these accords, as should the U.S. All are “industrial” nations because U.S. based industries are “out sourcing” to both nations. Just about everything you use is potentially Made in China. As India grows, we will see more industry being established there. After all, we have already seen both nations have viable space programs (look at our last Issue, January 2005 for more details on this), so neither is a “backwards” nation any longer. Most of the world’s computer experts come from (and eventually return to) India. India could eventually become the “new silicon valley” and be the heart of the digital world by 2012!

Reactionary people (enticed by lovely TV ads) are pinning the ills on cigarette smokers for “second hand smoke” yet the effects of smog from cars, which is just as bad on the health, rights right into your homes, businesses and hospitals (it’s even found in medical grade oxygen). The elderly and newborn are treated this industrial age second hand smoke (which is already linked to lung diseases) and when cigarettes get banned this form of second hand smoke will not diminish or go away. The only way it will vanish is when we finally run out of oil (which is due to happen in this century, so the experts tell us).

Remember, you can see smog from a cruise ship along coastal Alaska! That’s how far smog (second hand car smoke) has gone!

The United States will not give up its cars (and I’ve talked with Christians who wonder why I don’t drive and I tell them it’s because cars are killing God’s green Earth, they promptly ignore me and then go off to church in their cars), nor impose California style standards on the rest of the states (although some individual states already have patterned themselves after California without prompting).

While the treaty the rest of the world has agreed to will not clear up “global warming” by 2012 nor even by 2112, mother nature is working on an even better plan. That plan will see the end of oil and gasoline, probably by the year 2112, which will make the oil companies, auto makers and some Middle Eastern nations very poor and very angry.

The U.S. says it is working on alternative solutions, including hydrogen propulsion (oh, great, we can have explosions in our fuel tanks like Apollo 13 did on the way to the moon!) – yeah like this won’t put heat into the air along with other components such as steam.

If the scientists are right, the loser here could be us! Maybe the next “Darwinian” creatures who crawl out of the muck we leave behind (and we will be leaving some nasty muck behind after our extinction) will be smarter and take care of Mother Earth instead of killing her!

The air you breath (and pollute with your smog and smoke) comes from plants in the ground and in the water. We are mowing down all the rain forest lands in South America and eventually Africa. We are polluting the water with toxic chemicals and nuclear waste. So, where will our air be coming from in the year 2212?


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