Three Card Monte

A straight ahead hard rock band from New York state, featuring Ryan Wonderland on lead vocals and bass, Collin Riley on rhythm guitar and vocals, Mike Perri on drums and Richard Scarano on lead guitar.

The band has been playing out over the last two years rocking crowds all over the local music scene of Orange County New York, making new fans and new friends with every stage they step foot on to. Their music, even with it's direct in your face originality, is somewhat familiar to the old school days of the rock music scene.
Recalling such acts as Oasis, Silverchair, Nirvana, and Pearl Jam shooting all the way back to pieces of Motley Crue and U2 , Three Card Monte gives back that special something that many would consider missing in today's music. With deep and meaningful lyrics and stunning choruses topped with pure rock and roll edge.

Monte has done benefit concerts and have opened for signed acts including Dexter Freebish, Blazed and Jupiter Sunrise.

Between gigs have also been doing some recording working out material in their "home" studio as well as recording at commercial studios like Electric Acoustic Studios. Their studio work allows them to try out new arrangements you can't do easily on stage at a rock club, with some songs normally done on stage at full blast getting recorded as "unplugged" versions, like as their newest offering, "Watchers."

Those local to downstate New York can see them playing live on the following dates:

APRIL 9TH, 2005
Three Card Monte will be performing with The Naked Citizens, Stellar Tuesday, Half Snatch, and Badfish (sublime tribute band)

JUNE 3RD, 2005

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