This band has been on the Indie music scene for more then 7 years, fueled by the passion & relentless dedication of their founder and lead singer, Gail Silverman.

In 2002, Gail created Revolutionary Records, to support G-spot and other independent artists, creating an environment where bands collaborate to showcase and bring to the surface fantastic under-the-radar talent. One of their initial efforts was the “Girls Rock & Girls Rule” Showcase, recently completing its third successful year, including a fundraising concert at Blaggards, which raised money for the Battered Women's Resource Center, Voices of Women Organizing Project and included a variety of other bands who totally rocked: Florence Yoo, Maggie Kim, Maria Christensen, Loki the Grump, Black Flamingo & Kittyhawk, plus local business sponsors (XL Graphics, Shan Fowler, Euphoria Spa, Red Envelope, Tony and Tina & Threshold Music Studios) providing great giveaways and donations.

In 2005, Gail intends to take G-spot and the “Girls Rock & Girls Rule” concept on the road with a portion of the proceeds from shows supporting local charities. The showcases will continue the important mission of Revolutionary Records highlighting independent female artists with a fresh sound and something provocative to say.

Their newest CD "Come Here Go Away" was initially released in November, this punky, rock-pop, hi-energy CD is a wild roller coaster ride that takes it’s listeners from one peak to the next, leaving them catching their breath, wanting to go back on the ride again and again.

On “Come Here, Go Away” Gail was surrounded by fantastic musicians including long-time musical partner, Donald Dixon on bass, plus Dennis Winge on Guitar and Phil Bloom on drums. It was produced by Lorraine Ferro, who has had a number of #1 hit songs under her belt as a writer for EMI. The CD was recorded at Threshold Music Studio in New York City and engineered by Kato, who has worked with the Foo Fighters, among other industry fixtures.

The enhanced CD also features live and behind the scenes photos. Gail, who is a certified yoga teacher, also offers a special gift to her listeners with a very special bonus track with 11 minutes of Triple Mantra, a powerful ancient Kundalini mantra for protection and healing.

G-spot is currently a featured artist at gogirlsmusic.com and femmuse.com and they are generating airplay on many college stations in NY & NJ. Recently G-spot held the coveted slot on the Homegrown Show from the number one Rock station in Long Island, NY, WBAB 102.3 for three nights in a row. Homegrown spun the title track: Come Here, Go Away, the anti-industry anthem Revolutionary and the hot and sexy "Harley Song". This isn’t the first time G-spot has had success on local commercial radio, last year “Sweet Lies” from their preview EP was featured on The Jersey Rock Radio Show (WRAT 95.9FM). A couple of weeks ago they were in New Jersey and had an interview at WFDM radio (Fairleigh Dickenson) they spun the whole album and talked a bunch of band nonsense for quite awhile!

They are also currently being played in France on a site called Babes in Boyland, plus Dan Herman is continuing to support them on his station Radio Crystal Blue. The band is also receiving regular airplay on Engage Internet Radio and will be heading up to Massachusetts to visit them in May and shoot a live video to air on their website (along with doing some shows on a New England tour that is in the works for the band).

With the album is completed, G-spot is getting back into the limelight doing they love best: live performances! Over the past several years G-spot has played many of the East Coast’s hottest rock clubs, including; The Bitter End, Downtime, Fez, Meow Mix, The Continental, Sin-e, The Haunt, The Saint, just to mention a few!


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