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In this issue, our music specail for 2005.

In our Features section we have many articles on the world of music such as "Making It In Today’s Music World" and "World Copyright Laws Revisited".There is even an enlightening article on home studios you just can't miss.

On the lighter side of life we give you a story of anitgravity and a very funny article on identity crisis that will give you a chuckle or two. You can't miss this one!

In our Lifestyles section show you how kids are taking over and what to do about it and we have a few articles on religion that are very interesting. We also found more yummy recipes that will make your mouth water. There is also an article on dental plans and we have new poetry so check it out!

In our Issues department there is a thought provoking article on "UN Abuse", more world terroism, and another political article. Don't forget to read our rants, too. We have some very interesting things to say in this issue.

In Technology this month we have take a look at Wal Mart photo centers, online photo centers, and DSL. And our ever popular night skies article to tell you what you can expect in the stars this time of the year.

Our movie reviews can be found in the Entertainment section as well as our artist pages and what is new on TV. We have the latest in music and what is good to read. So check it out!

If you missed our last issue, you can check it out on the Back Page, which is also found in the Lifestyle section. So check back with us and read up on the Issues!

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