What Happened To The Weapons Of Mass Destruction?

In an NBC “Meet The Press” interview, President Bush said the following about the missing weapons of mass destruction in Iraq:

``They could have been destroyed during the war. Saddam and his henchmen could have destroyed them as we entered into Iraq,'' Bush said. ``They could be hidden. They could have been transported to another country, and we'll find out.''

Now, we are talking about “weapons of mass destruction” which are generally biological, chemical and nuclear. Conventional bombs made of conventional household chemicals such as fertilizer are not weapons of mass destruction.

Where are the residual traces of these items if they were destroyed? Wouldn’t they leave “fall-out” that would be noticed for years? Didn’t we close the Senate building for months when Anthrax was found? Don’t we have spies in the sky with cameras that can see a nuclear mission on a truck, like those pictures Kennedy saw in 1961 from the U2 planes? What, we weren’t watching the borders? We were invading Iraq and we weren’t watching all sides of the country with our “spies in the sky?”

Is President Bush implying we can’t pinpoint a nuclear device as it moves from Iraq to another country?

Is President Bush implying trucks from Iraq can move over the border during the invasion and we wouldn’t see them or do anything? No one would call for an air strike?

Worse, is President Bush implying that another radical country with fanatics who would put explosives on their bodies and run into markets and explode the bomb now has “weapons of mass destruction”?

Is President Bush implying we need to invade more countries, now?

If this scenario is true, then the U.S. isn’t quite the “super power” we make ourselves out to be and some little country like Iraq can slip away in the night while were are looking the other way!

If this sceneario is true then TV shows like “Threat Matrix” are so fictional they make cartoon shows look like high brow entertainment!

It reminds me of the time our astronauts went into an early Russian space ship and found no computer, just a sextant! Is that how high tech the Pentagon and CIA are today? Are we using simple binoculars to watch the enemy, just like we did in World War I? If so, then what happened to those billions and trillions we spent on “star wars” projects? Where is our thermal imaging? Our infra-red? Our ultra-violet? We can’t see a hot spot crossing the border of Iraq?

When 9-11 happened no one was watching for it. Air defense wasn’t watching for planes to hit a building. Now we are supposed to be watching, so why are we not watching the borders of Iraq? What, we don’t have enough binoculars?

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