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Omar Sosa on A&E

Arts and Entertainment Television Network (A&E), which is a primary cable service seen throughout most of the United States and also seen in a variety of countries around the world, will feature jazz pianist Omar Sosa this Sunday, March 7th in the early morning on “Breakfast With The Arts."

The show will features talks and interviews with Sosa, as well as performances of some of his compositions, a few of which will come from his newly released CD "Pictures of Soul" (a collaboration with percussionist Adam Rudloph) which we reviewed last issue in our New Year Special.

Consult your local television director or on-line channel guide for exact time and station.

Television Outside The U.S. Part Two

We continue bringing you a look at television you'll only see in a few selected countries, unlike the world-wide syndicated nature of some American TV shows.

RTL (Germany)

Two cops like night and day: cool cult cop Balko, stubble, earring, tattoo and all, and his by the book partner and best buddy Krapp (no, that's not a typo, nor are we being cute, it is an exact quote from a Freemantle promotional blurb for this show!). Together they form one of the most popular and persistent policing powerhouses in Germany.

In this new season on Germany's RTL, Balko and Krapp are again confronted with a raft of off-the-wall cases they approach with their typical off-the-beaten-trail methods: whether they are hunting down a ring of automotive parts forgers, solving a series of mysterious murders in a high-class hotel, or stalking a crazed stalker, the obvious approach is never Balko´s way. Investigating a strange series of homicides among the do-it-yourself homeowner’s scene, Balko and Krapp make headway into the hardware store/home improvement set by talking a tiling course....Balko has firmly established itself as one of the Germany's critical and audience favorites among cop shows, with its offbeat meld of action, sleuthing and a liberal dose of laughs.

Between Friends
Hungary and Romania

The daily serial drama format, Between Friends tells of the sudden death of a successful building contractor that sets his two surviving brothers against each other in a battle for control of the family fortunes. When it becomes clear that the death was no accident, the question is who ordered the killing? And why? As the truth emerges so do some unsettling facts about the source of the family’s wealth and the secrets they’ve kept.
Between Friends is consistently Hungary’s favorite television program. Produced by Grundy UFA, and broadcast under the local title of Barátok Közt, the serial drama first launched on Hungary’s RTL Klub in October 1998, and is broadcast every weekday. Barátok Közt has been the country’s number one program for almost its entire fourth season, consistently achieving audience shares of over 60%, peaking at nearly 70% amongst 18 to 49 year olds.

Forbidden Love

UK, Germany, Sweden, Greece, Indonesia, Kenya, Ireland, Qatar

The format Forbidden Love, is based on the story of twins, separated at birth and unaware of each other’s existence, who meet by chance 20 years later and fall in love. But the truth of their relationship is ultimately revealed, shattering their dreams, revealing disturbing family secrets and re-igniting the long-repressed passions that tore them apart. An early incarnation of this format was Sons and Daughters, produced by Grundy in Australia in the 1970s.

Verbotene Liebe, as the format is known in Germany, is one of the country’s most popular daily serial dramas, produced by Grundy UFA for ARD, on which channel it launched in 1995. Verbotene Liebe regularly attracts audiences of over three million viewers. Other current versions of the format include Apagoreymeni Agapi, which is produced by a local company under license from FremantleMedia, and broadcast on Greek channel Mega. FremantleMedia has also produced Forbidden Love in Indonesia (Belahan Hati) and Sweden (Skilda Världar).

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