Music of the Mind

When the music of the mind melds with the melody of the soul,

The silver threads of time stand silent.

On billowy clouds each measure reaches out to touch the universe

Then flows swiftly back to earth.

The language of rhyme makes the heart beat in three-four time,

As golden notes fall in line to awake the silent song.

Then springs the step and dance to the music of the mind.

Tides ebb like drum rolls that reach out to kiss the sand.

Waves rise up against the rocks and crecendo as symbols clash,

Then bow back to sea in deep tones of revelry.

The tempo strikes the beat when memory turns to repeat. An arpeggio of sand trickles down to meet the sea,

While saw grasses sway to the tune of the breeze.

Impressions of time passed in silver pools left standing.

All snaps to commands at the conductor's raised hand,

When we dance to the music of the mind.

Darkness falls as bright crystals chime and the music melds in peace.

Dreams drift in endless space when designs spin with circling grace.

Tall sentries stand to keep time to the tune of the pulsating light.

Capsules sway and bob upon the dark abyss in random notes like this. I slumber off to wait the dawn, and begin again the melodic tones

That dance to the music of the mind.

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