Moonlight and Music

Moonlight bathes the shore and lends a diamond studded light to the open water while painting the night with a multitude of conscious visions as waves roll in to kiss the sand along the beaches reminding each one of the beat to the music of the tropics. Here is where the music lives on in the hearts and minds of every generation. Each has a beat that is completely different from the other.

Florida has much to offer in the kinds of entertainment for every desired taste. Local talents abound in all the four corners of the state. But the best place to experience each kind of music available is on Florida’s east coast. Brevard County, by its own right has its share of talented entertainers. Weekends rock in Brevard County among its “out-of- the-way” little clubs or other venues with the sounds of Elvis (maybe Elvis does live on), nysyc, Backstreet boys, Beatles, and a Neil Diamond impersonator. There are duo groups, and bands mimicking their favorite tunes or touting their own endeavors at song writing. The selections seem endless no matter what generation each consumer derives from, there is definitely something to be seen and heard to while away the night hours in pure enjoyment.

Of the numerous hard striving entertainers one particular multitalented young man comes to the forefront. He is Marc Dobson whose diverse showmanship includes a “So Good Tribute to “Neil Diamond” Dynamically Marc sounds like Neil.

When Marc tries to sound like Neil audience members can close there eyes and wander back in time to 1979. When they view with open eyes and wonderment the man in front of them they will hear and see Neil Diamond in his prime.

“The performance is a mix of a serious tribute and comedy with audience interaction. Marc is imitating Neil Diamond in his ‘hay day’ of the late 70's and early 80's. When Marc is not imitating Neil, his package of songs covers a huge variety of music from 1930's to current popular music,” with music of such artists as Barry Manilow, Jimmy Buffet, Billy Joel, Guns and Roses, ZZ Top and of course Elvis, just to mention a few. Marc appears solo or with The Rocs band in many different types of ensembles. Duo: Marc & a Drummer. Tropical Trio: Marc, Drummer & Steel Drums. (And who can resist the lively beat of a steel drum for dance music?) Dance/Rock Group: Marc, Drummer, Keyboardist and a female singer.

Marc is a native of Nova Scotia, Canada, and has made a living as a live & studio musician for the past 14 years. Marc came to Florida 1999 and has made his home now in Cocoa, Florida with his wife Maia and his 15 month old son Cavin. Today, Marc performs regularly on Sterling Casino, sailing from Cape Canaveral, FL impersonating Neil Diamond. As well, Marc performs across the South East United States as Neil Diamond, a One-Man-Band or with his band, Marc and The Rocs.

Every entertainer has a reason for what they do and Marc is one who loves his work and puts forth his all to make his audience appreciate what they hear and see. Marc is the kind of entertainer that finds a way to make his audiences tuck away the memories of the nights he played to them in such a special way.

For me, I remember many years ago a club called The Kings Clever, which was an out of the way popular nightspot in West Melbourne, and the country music that rattled the walls when we walked in. The resounding strains of “The Wabash Cannon Ball” filled the night air and still echo in my memory. Emmy Lou Harris got her start in that little night club and who knew back then that when she sang “I never Promised You a Rose Garden” that she would be one of the country’s top female country singers? The club is gone now but the memories linger on and we are a lot older and the music lives on as Marc Dobson continues to prove the fact with his showmanship and his Neil Diamond impersonations.

This writer once coined a saying, “Where there’s music, there’s a light in my soul” (and now to finish the thought), “ and there it stays till the end of time.”

Florida is now the place for up and coming new music stars since the inception of Disney World’s coming to the tropics. nysnc and the Back Street Boys are just two of the bands that got their start here in the “Sunshine state. ”The following links will put the reader in touch with many other local and famous bands and singers around the county and beyond.

Text and photo used by permission of Marc Dobson.

(Our poetry section features a poem I wrote with music in mind titled, Music of the Mind).

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