Law of God or Law of Man?

While marriage may have some roots from the Bible (and people other than Christians or Jews get married in formal settings – even atheists and agnostics are known to part-take in this venture) it has now become a part of law that is used by “big business” and that is one of the reasons that some same sex couples want to get married.

They want that U.S. tax deduction for spouse or other family member, without fear of getting it pulled in an audit.

They want health care protection for their “spouse” at reduced rates.

They want automatic inheritance of their worldly good and assets upon death without need for a living trust or will.

This last one is very important for if the rest of the family despises the “couple” then brothers, sisters, parents and uncles will go to court in an effort to get the property that the person may have wanted their “significant other” to keep and hold. The destiny of one’s property is and should always be left up to the person who accumulated that property! If some woman wants to leave her millions to her cats, she has a right to do that! If Frank Sinatra wants to leave the bulk of his estate to the Catholic Church and not his wife and kids (which is what he did), then he has a right to do that!

Most people don’t want to sit down and write out legally binding wills. Most people don’t like thinking about death. If two homosexuals live together for decades, accumulate property and wealth and one dies, then that community property should rightly go to the other person in the relationship with no legal hassles.

Marriage, as a tool of law, is one of the most binding methods used to make these things happen. Until government makes laws to protect these rights in other ways and forces Blue Cross to accept those “other ways” the same way they accept a “spouse or child” today for health care, then maybe an alternative to marriage might hold some weight.

Right now the only way to assure the future of your partnership if you have no legal or business savvy is simply with the process of marriage.

If marriage was intended to be a “holy union” then let’s re-write the legal laws and take property matters out of the marriage contract. Let’s have no more “community property states” and then marriage will simply be a “religious’ or “holy” union and not a legally binding venture.

You can’t have things both ways. Marriage either covers only “one” aspect of a relationship (the love and union part for coupling and making of children or family) or all aspects (the property, rights to tax deductions, rights to reduced health care rates for a spouse, etc.).

The people now performing these “quasi legal” same sex marriages seems to realize this bigger issue: “Equal protection under the law.”

That is what most people want.

Oh, and since marriage is taxed (that marriage license fee) what happened to the constitutional clause about "not respecting" any specific religion? For those who are religious, if you accept this “tax” on your relgious sanctity, then eventually you open the doors to other “taxes” against your religious activities, including tax on the plate that gets passed around on Sunday or your Bingo games and fund raising efforts open to the public!

Let’s not tinker with the constitution and law! Let’s write it or re-write to get it right!

Want “marriage” as religious? Stop taxing and regulating it with man's laws! That process should be up to each church! If a church allows 12 year olds to marry, everyone should recognize that union! If a church forbids more than one marriage, then so be it! If a church forbids inter-relgious unions then so be it! There should be no fees or regulations from government on marriage if it is truly relgious least we open the can of worms on regulating other religious practises! In Israel they shut down everything on Friday night because relgion demands it! What would happen to U.S. economy if all business had to shut down on Sunday (of course that excludes the Jews, Muslims and Seventh Day Adventists, so let's shut down the U.S. on Friday night at sundown and not re-open until midnight, Monday morning)? This is why there is separation between church and state! What chaos there would be if all the relgions ran the U.S. in tandem!

Government should then write laws making “unions” and religious marriages as “legally binding” for purposes of tax reporting, health care, inheritances and community property wouldn't be counted until the parities also met government regulations and paid government fees for a separate "legal union." That means double paperwork for relgious people and less paperwork for atheists. It also means if the Catholics won't allow a second marriage then a person can erase an old legal union, form a new second union just for tax and property purposes -- and the Catholic chruch can't say boo about this, because it is an act of man's law not God's law! Remember, give unto man what is man's! That's in your bible!

Then “civil unions” would become equal under the law with “marriage” just being a relgious ceremony, like "first communion" or "baptism." Then “marriage” would be a church issue regulated only by the Catholics, Protestants, Jews, Muslims and other sects who would determine exclusively who can marry, when they can marry and how many times they can marry. Then Blue Cross and the IRS would have to accept only the government legal "union" without question! The courts would have to probate based on these "unions" and tell the rest of the family to go take a hike!

Government should keep their nose out of “marriage” including the unfair tax on a religious sanctimony!(?) The marriage license? That's a hidden tax! Or... is it not a religious sanctimony? Is it a legal action, if so then there must be equal protection under this law for everyone! You can't pass a law that says it is illegal for a black man to marry an Asian woman or a red head to marry a blonde or a Muslim to marry a Protestant! What if some "legal" churches then pass marriage regulations other churchs or relgious groups don't like? Tough, isn't it! Religious freedom! Anyone who says boo, would be challenging "GOD"! Some of you may not like the regulations some "churches" might sanctify! Tough!

Make up your minds everyone! Government and religion: Is marriage relgious or not religious? If it’s religious then tax and regulations must go, as it violate the constitution! If it’s not religious then government should pay no attention to religious pressure, for that is also forbidden by the constitution! There should be no more "civil ceremonies" just legal paperwork to make a "union" between two people. (Of course, that does take all the romance out. You can't say "let's get married" to everyone, so you must replace it with "let's get unionized" and we can only hope the AFL-CIO won't get involved in that one! Well, let's make it "let's get unified" that sounds almost romantic. How many relgious people out there will feel hurt if they can't get "married" because your "churches" don't like the significant other you have picked and there are no more "civil marriages"? Tough! You want that religion! You want marriage as religious. Live with it! Then only religious people can say "we're married" and everyone else is just "unified.")

Give unto God what is God's and give unto man what is man's! But first, make a decision on what marriage actually is!

* * *

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