Hammer Head

A “free ware” virtual drum machine you can use in your music work that is patterned (and sounds like) analog drum machines from the old “Roland” era.

You can program a total of six drum sounds that include several kick, snare and hi-hat sounds.

The programming array is divided into 16th notes which does make some intentional flams, grace notes and triples hard to do but you can treat it as 2/4 and then you get a 32nd note increment but have to use two measures to equal one measure of real time.

If you work with the 16 beat meaure then the gold colored positions are 1, 2, 3 and 4 with the blue colored ones being E, AND, UH (1, E, AND, Uh, 2, E, AND, Uh, 3, E, AND, UH, 4, E, AND, Uh -- you might want to see our piece on music theory in the March 2002 issue for more details on beats and counting)

You can copy your patterns to other measures with the click of a mouse button. You can then go back and edit each measure changing notes. This allows you to use a rudimentary pattern for several measures and then go in and re-vamp them adding extra notes or taking a few out.

You can save your patterns and export the track as a full WAVE file which can then be imported into other software such as Cakewalk or Cubase for mixing with other sounds such as live guitar, bass and vocals.

Included are two effects settings. One for reverse envelope (to give you that “Strawberry Fields Forever” hi-hat sound) and the other is distortion.

There are even four complete riff samples (GIZ1, GIZ2, Jungle1 and Jungle 2) that make for an interesting sound alone or blended together (we tried Giz 1 with a hit on beat 1 and Jungle 2 with a hit on beat 8 and it made for an interesting patch).

There were also some special effects sounds provided by the “User” patches.

The program was written (apparently in Delphi, the Borland answer to Visual BASIC) by Dutch multi-media producer Bram Bos in 1997 and is free to use, free to copy and free to share.

It’s a very nice tool for the composer, singer or artist on a beginners budget!

It is very easy to understand and use this piece of software and all you really need to understand is the concept of placing beats in a logical order.

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